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Run down the wing for me

Jacko has made no secret of his desire to manage Charlton. Signed by Phil Parkinson on loan almost 12 years ago we have all seen how much this club means to the ex-skipper. I have many memories of Jacko raging like a crazy man in front of ecstatic Addicks’ fans pumping his chest. You can’t manufacture that shit. Charlton Athletic means a lot to him, as it does us.

Jacko’s name has been sung consistently at recent games as he stood on the touchline next to Nigel Adkins just as culpable, win together, lose together, but you knew he was hurting like the rest of us sat in the seats or sat at home.

It has been a confusing and hard to fathom blur of a start to the season. Finally a steady hand on the tiller, yet a calamity on the field. Seriously, how many black cats have you run over recently?

Although let’s run over a few tomorrow 😀 (see what I did there?).

What is needed next is, well, of course the spawn of Pep Guardiola, but baby steps. What we need now is a guiding light, someone able to paint a simple but progressive picture of how to play and give blood, sweat and tears whilst wearing the shirt. Some pride, some solidarity, some bloody basic defending.

Sunderland is a little bit of a free hit, and Jacko has basically had a day and half and a long train journey up north to get his own ideas across.

The result is less important to me tomorrow than the performance. That is everything to me. Show that we can plant and grow an identity. We haven’t had one for a long time.

A year after Jacko first played for Charlton, Chris Powell became the manager, and I felt a little yesterday and in fact more so today like I did then.

I wrote then that “my heart aches with undying joy but also trepidation but I know more than anything else that Chris Powell’s heart has Charlton Athletic Football Club running through it like a stick of rock.”

I have hopes and fears for Jacko, but what I really have is the fire back in my belly. Sing as loud as you can tomorrow those that are going to the game. COYR.

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  1. Simon Jones #

    We’ll certainly have the element of surprise as they won’t have a clue about what formation, who we’ll play or how well we might play. We are a bogey team for them, it would just be nice to see a spirited performance.

    October 22, 2021
    • Every game under Adkins had an element of surprise 😀

      October 22, 2021
  2. Graham Pritchard #

    We would all like to think that Sunderland will succumb to the CAFC hoodoo, but I fear JJ will get a nasty shock Saturday. I will be more concerned with the result/performance against Donny. Even with the results beyond expectation it will take several weeks to get out of the bottom 4. If 2022 dawns down there I think we will have had it. we’ve been down in tier 3 before both recent and in the past but never so bad.

    October 22, 2021
  3. Peter Hearn #

    For me very simple. Tell JJ and Euell they have the rains till the end of the season, with perhaps support and guidance where required from Curbs & Keith Peacock.
    Show faith in the new pair and players and fans will understand and all do there bit.
    Q: What,s the alternative? Tell them they have got till the end of December and have the press looking at their replacement – how’s that for giving them confidence and the players.
    How would we get? And how long would it take to get them bedded in. Recycling old managers and coaches once again.

    October 22, 2021
  4. David Evans #

    I really would love to see Jacko and Jason start with a very hard fought scoring draw at Sunderland. The Black Cats must be trying to work out how the visitors are going to line up and play with a new caretaker manager and assistant who have CAFC in their blood. A fighting team will stand a chance, but the first signs of being timid will allow Sunderland to take us apart. COYR we must get out of this rut.

    October 23, 2021
  5. Joseph Hallinan #

    Hi Dave, If we were playing them at Wembley, we might have a chance!? I admire your optimism or is it wishful thinking. I would like to be confident that CAFC have a cunning plan, hopefully not playing “one up front”!

    October 23, 2021

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