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Tuesday is about more than winning

Tomorrow is not even about winning for me, it is about style and substance.

Adkins’ team selection will tell us a lot about his state of mind. Pull up the drawbridge and hang in there for a point or go for a much needed three points. Whatever his ambition, give us a team that are hungry and organized.

I’m willing to give him another game if he actually shows me that he can mold this team into a group to begin to believe in. It’s all I’ve ever asked as a Charlton fan.

We need points. Fact. But we badly need identity and connectivity. Is Adkins able to deliver that? Gillingham away would be a very good place to start. It could also be a graveyard.

2,600 Addicks in attendance will decide.

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  1. Dave #

    Don’t matter ….. just seen the ref
    Mr I hate Charlton Keith Stroud

    September 21, 2021
  2. Dick Plumb #

    For me it is all about three points, I don’t care how we get them. We desperately need a win.

    September 21, 2021
  3. enviableone #

    CA, I agree, we wouldn’t be as bothered if we were losing, but it looked like we had a plan, or were trying different things to find one, and it looked like the players were putting in 100%.

    bu the relentless positivity from NA, the rockstar tweets from TS and the “mea culpa”s from JP and McG only go so far.

    Why we haven’t tried the 4-4-2 that worked so well against Crewe again, I don’t know, because nothing else seemed to work.

    based on what we’ve seen, this is how I reckon we should be lining up tonight:


    Matthews Lavelle Famewo Purrington

    Arter Gibley

    Blackett-Taylor Kirk

    Lee Washington

    Subs: Henderson, Clare, Stockley, Elerewe, Souare, Leko, Jaiyesimi

    September 21, 2021
  4. NorfolkRed #

    I am personally not interested in being told repetitiously by Adkins what an honest, hard-working group of players he has. The performances l have witnessed both at home and away doesn’t back up his analysis of the players. If NA team talks are as boring as his post match interviews then it’s little wonder the players seemed to have switched off. The players are dis-organised with nobody tracking or even interested in tracking or marking opponents. The shape is all over the place and, most worryingly of all, players do not appear to be working for each other. Where is the spirit and commitment? NA says he has repeatedly told his players before, during and at halftime not to hit the long ball to Stockley and yet they continue to do so time and time again. I don’t think the players can be so stupid not to understand the instruction which leads me to think that Adkins has ‘lost’ the dressing room. I think all these different formations and NA’s total reliance on statistics and analysing everything is weighing on the players. 442 is the formation that has secured two wins so far this season and that’s what the players seem most comfortable with so l think he should stick with that and give Stockley some much needed help ffs. Anything other than a win and a more conventional line-up and l think TS will need to cut Adkins adrift.

    September 21, 2021
  5. LP #

    Sitting in my new seat CA I have struck up a friendship with a very elderly gentleman in my row. We don’t say a lot and sometimes you don’t need to do you? As the half time whistle blew a couple of games ago he quietly said – ‘see all those people sitting next to the dug out? They’re all experts’.
    There are far too many people with an opinion these days. And my opinion is thank God we have an owner who gives a shit. And please God, give him the wisdom to know who the bloody hell to listen to.

    September 21, 2021
    • NorfolkRed #

      Well I hope LP that TS has the wisdom to speak to someone who is a tried and tested expert who has the T-Shirt, somepne like Curbs, rather than someone like Ged Roddy, who’s only claim to fame is getting the sack from the Reading Academy and upsetting the parents of the kids in that Academy.

      September 21, 2021
  6. Christopher #

    This will not be popular but, here goes …..

    The manager needs time, patience and support. This one more game pressure is not helpful or the way to get the best from our players/team. I fully agree that we have not played well and I also agree the it is the managers responsibility however, the players do need to step up tonight and play as a team. I do not blame the players for the current situation what has gone wrong has not been their fault. I truly believe however that, if we give him (Nigel) time, our patience will be rewarded.

    Please play 4-4-1-1, please play Washington through the middle and please, please get a win.


    September 21, 2021

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