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Bermuda weekend

The first day of Bermuda’s summer is May 24th. Traditionally, well for about 110 years, it was always on May 24th…. I know, weird.

Yet last year Bermuda Day was moved by the government in their wisdom to the last Friday of the month which is a pain in the harris for me as work is chaotic and the last Friday of the month is and will always likely be stupid busy.

So no holiday for me yesterday just a 15-hour slog that started at an ungodly hour in the office. But, that was yesterday and now the weekend with restrictions slowly being lifted and the weather warming means we can get outside and enjoy some family time.

The two big Bermuda Day events did go ahead yesterday and while the large street parade was limited to a restricted number of essential workers in the National Stadium, the Bermuda Derby half marathon was run from St. George’s to Hamilton in the morning with runners limited to 450.

My own holiday weekend started in vein this morning at 5am when the dog woke us up, so me and him did an early morning walk in the Botanical Gardens. Following that my daughter was in an early swim meet, which was exhausting…. to watch!

Later today we meet friends for dinner outside. We can now eat inside as we have a Safe Key, but it is too nice to be inside. The curfew will have us back indoors at 10pm for either more wine or bed. I predict the latter.

Then tomorrow we have booked one of these really cool looking electric boats for a couple of hours. We’ll take food and drinks and our swimsuits and enjoy the sea for the first time this year. We’ve rented them before and whilst they won’t break the speed limit, they are fun and easy to handle, and our daughter can be the designated driver.

Then it is probably time to spark up the barbecue and sit and watch the sun go down in the back garden.

There will of course be some indoors time as there is a boat load of football to watch.

Happy long weekend everyone.

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