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Charlton Athletic 1 Hull City 0

Happy to see us finish the season on a high. It may have been a sloppy own goal that gave us the win, but it was good to see us keep going at the end looking for another goal.

A very decent return this week, but as expected we just miss out on the Play-Off’s by goal difference with Oxford comfortably seeing off Burton 4-0 whilst down on the south coast Pompey choked at home to Accrington.

I’m pleased the season is over, for the most part it has not been enjoyable and with Covid-19 watching football continues to be a surreal experience, although it has allowed me to watch every game live, football without fans leaves me with an empty feeling, and some of the dirge we have had to put up has only added to the emptiness.

It does say something that despite how often we have been quite dreadful, we still managed to finish the season in 7th and then only on goal difference. Fine lines, such as a last second penalty miss.

Nonetheless we have come a long way since the charlatan-filled, transfer embargoed, administration-heading start to the season, and I’ll write a bit more on the season in the coming days.

As for today’s game, it was mostly pedestrian and Hull dominated the early stages with Amos making an excellent save from Magennis, but we slowly grew into it and were deserving winners.

Towards the end of the 1st half Conor Washington nearly gave us one the moments of the season, when he superbly controlled a cross-field ball from Maatsen and in one movement half volleyed just wide. It was a spectacular piece of skill.

After the break Millar was much more involved and worked the left side well with Maatsen. Then when Chuks was introduced with him and Stockley we had a more threatening look about us, particularly at set-plays

The goal came 15 minutes from time when a teasing Millar cross caused Greaves and Hull’s keeper Ingram to between them send the ball over their own goal line. Famewo came closest to making it two when he saw a header saved.

In recent years we have made it a habit of watching the league champions celebrate in front of us on the last game of the season. Nigel Adkins was being interviewed and with Hull’s players celebrating behind him Adkins stopped deadpan, looked into the camera and said: “That’s going to be us next year.”

That’s the spirit.

Nigel Adkins: “We’ve had 10 games since I’ve joined. Thanks to all the staff, the players and everybody – the supporters have been great. We’ve lost once since I’ve been in charge and that was our best performance against another team that got promoted in Peterborough.”

Photo credit: Kyle Andrews

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  1. Steve #

    Truth is we ain’t been at the races all season as we all know.
    Really think Adkins done great to get us that close, yes tough to take on GD but I think we can be confident we’ll come back strong and yeah, every chance it will be us.
    Have a great summer mate – things can only get better.

    May 9, 2021
    • Steve spot on and all other clubs supporters who have missed out could and will be asking “What If” If this but this” etc.
      Think of poor old Pompey (not LOL) they have not won one single game in the playoffs and won’t this year nor us of course.
      Nothing is guaranteed and in the real world too and enjoy one day at a time and feel a song coming.
      All the best to all John W

      May 9, 2021
  2. As I said in another article, we had our chances. Never should we or any other team relay on slip ups to help to get out of the division they are in.
    Every game should be a cup final. Its of no use to get good results for the last 10 games if our performance throughout the season has been far from promotion contenders.
    We have let ourselves down long before Adkins took over from Bowyer who in my opinion should have walked away from Charlton because his managerial input was confusing and muddled.
    It was clear he had lost interest in the club, players and his ability to get the best out of his team.
    His head was turned by the approach from the club he spent time with when a player.
    I can’t help thinking, if had done the decent thing and left we might just had more and desire to make a difference.
    Now our season is over, we can rebuild with players (not loanee) who will feature throughout the next campaign to push us to new heights.
    I hope our new owner will see the benefits from securing players that will fit into Adkins new look Charlton.
    It has been a roller coaster of a season lets hope we get back the Charlton we all love.

    May 9, 2021
  3. Gordon #

    Yet another painful season BUT considering what we have had to endure this year we have done incredibly well to get that close. don’t forget at the start of the season we had no money, an embargo and well a disgrace of a so called ownership. Add to that the fact that we had two key central defenders missing for so long when we just leaked goals every week then we came mighty close. 94th penalty miss against Oxford and that ridiculous Crewe equaliser with the last kick…..either would have meant that we were all ready safe. Still onwards an up. My money will be firmly on automatic promotion next season with an expectation of winning the league. Should be an interesting time before the next season

    May 9, 2021
    • Will be interesting but no guarantees either!!!

      May 9, 2021
    • rierti #

      I think the loss of Inniss and Famewo for over 2 months was the major cause of CAFC’s lack of points, I said at the time we should have recruited a defender in January.

      May 10, 2021
  4. Ken #

    Chicago addict – Just an end of season thank you for your excellent post match reports. Due to becoming so frustrated watching so many poor performances via the live video stream, I stopped purchasing match passes and instead relied upon listening to the audio commentary, watching short post match highlights and of course reading your much appreciated match reports.
    All in all, I found it better for my health rather than getting close to kicking the cat and throwing a shoe at the screen after watching 90 minutes of frustration.

    Hopefully this time next year we will have already secured promotion to the Championship.
    Enjoy the close season everyone.

    May 11, 2021

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