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Accrington Stanley 1 Charlton Athletic 1

Just the two games left before the curtains can close on this ghastly season. It was an ugly game, which suited the majority of all that had gone before it.

We were terrible, undeserving of a last kick equaliser. A fuddled game plan in which the only plan appeared to play like them and just hoof up into the air at every oppportunity. More upsetting was the lack of determination and mettle to try to win the game, which we had to.

There is abolutely nothing to cling onto with this team. They, all of them, truly give you nothing to believe in.

Actually, we started the best we have done since Adkins has arrived, although by best I mean that we didn’t concede, and we just set our stool out for the ugly aerial combat that was to follow.

Playing Gunter at wing back seemed odd. I don’t think he put one cross in, his distribution is terrible and his overall awareness leaves a lot to be desired. Was there not another right footed defender of Welsh descent since 2007? He was culpable for the goal too. Backing off, backing off, Do we never learn.

Even Forster Caskey forgot how to pass it on the ground. What did Adkins tell them? The pitch is bumpy, so hoof it in the air? Greg and Terry in the stand on the camera side saw more of the ball than Gilbey did in the 1st half.

I’ve got to be honest, but I am bemused at what Adkins has tried to instill into the players these last two games. We’ve got what we deserved since Plymouth after we gave ourselves such a great chance.

Chuks should have started, even if he had to be taken off in an oxygen tank. He was again our only threat in their last third. He has to start on Tuesday. He had two of our three shots on target, and he was only on for a half hour. To sum the game up the camera director even missed our goal!

Roll on this time next Sunday. This squad have the least likeability and affinity of any Charlton team I have watched since I started supporting them in the mid 70’s. Definitely top 3.

Nigel Adkins: “It was an awful game of football.”

Photo credit: Kyle Andrews

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  1. Wonder years #

    I am normally very positive , but that’s it our season is over. Such a shame I expected more .

    May 1, 2021
    • I think we all did despite all the shenanigans in pre-season and then leading up to the transfer window. We were 3rd at the beginning of November.

      May 1, 2021
  2. Mike #

    Words can’t describe how dreadful we were, Curbs summed it up at halftime when he said, I think the ball needed a rest.
    The only bit of class from Charltons point of view, was Albie Morgans free kick and Chucks on the end of it, why aren’t both those two playing from the start? Bet they still don’t start the next game either!
    Can’t see Adkins point of view, we have to tread very carefully with Chucks, well giving him about 15 minutes at the end of a game each time has done no one a favour, as its now too late we have missed the boat!
    This is one of the worst ever teams I have seen in Charlton colours and have honestly never seen a Charlton team spend so much time in their own half for nearly all the games.
    A near total clear out is needed starting from Amos, who has hardly saved any medium to long range shots on target, with his distribution also being terrible, to Ronnie the Danish saviour up front, who now can’t even get on the bench and all the over age past it players and non performers inbetween.
    The engine room in a team is the midfield but as such we don’t have one. Just a bunch of total useless misfits, apart from JFC and Morgan who hardly gets a game anyway and Bowyer let Lapsie go, as accordingly, he wasn’t good enough to get into this team!

    Lets just get this season over with and make drastic changes for a challenge to Championship next season, as anymore of this dross again and I will be hanging up my season ticket.

    May 1, 2021
  3. Steve #

    It’s proper grim CA but let’s be fair, it’s the ESI legacy of a squad put together in a couple of weeks with a couple of bob – next season I’m sure will be a different proposition mate. For all sorts of reasons.

    May 1, 2021
  4. NorfolkRed #

    CA you have summarised my feelings perfectly. What really sticks in my craw is that certain players are quick to get on twitter (when there isn’t a social media embargo) to declare a poor performance and issue a battle cry of “must do better” for the next game only for yet another piss poor display. Some players are real naturals at talking the talk yet they are some of the worst performers. This team is really difficult to like. If only the social media nan could be extended indefinitely. My only hope is that after NA is able to recruit his own players we start to play with a bit of style, structure and grit in equal measure with an element of entertainment thrown in. I will be glad to have a break from this team and see a major turnover of players in the summer.

    May 1, 2021
  5. Utter garbage. I love our club, having suffered them for over five decades, this season has been unmemorable for so many reasons. We have been led up the garden path with unsavoury carractors who promised everything and delivered nothing.
    We have been fleeced, lied too, had an owner who had no idea about football let alone the history that bound this club together
    Nearly went out of business, but were rescued in the nick time by Thomas Sandgarrd.
    We survived anther scare and things were starting look up under the guidance of Lee Bowyer.
    His effort gave us hope, taking us to Wembley for the play offs against our old enemy Sunderland.
    A new season but the same old problem we just could not hack it in the Championship.
    Relegation followed with vertualy the entire team changed for our league one campaign.
    We started well which was just as well for the best part of the season we were chasing shadows loosing games we should have won, and winning games that had defeat written before a ball was even kicked.
    Bowyer resigned leaving a team in complete shambles.
    Akins came into the frame with a rescue package that looked positive when appeared to have these no hopers organised and playing as a team.
    But in true Charlton fashion we once again failed to capilized, hence we have now blown our chances to be in the play-offs.
    Two games to go against top opposition who already have secured the path forward.
    In fairness we should have been sitting comfortably if all those games we had the edge but failed maintain the lead or worse of loosing at the last kick, how many of those did we conceed.
    Why have I written about passed shambles. This team is nowhere good enough and I’m pleased to see that we are not going to be humiliated. Getting this far would have been great, loosing at the last hurdle will be a bitter pill to swallow.
    Sandgarrd and Akins have a lot juggling to do before next campaign. Get rid of all the dead wood, no more loaness, we need players who are hundred percent committed to our club so we can compete next season. Promises can be broken, let’s not become a laughing stock, we are better than this.

    May 1, 2021
  6. When I saw the lineup I didn’t expect a game of flowing football but I dodn’t expect the horrible game that we saw. We’ve used the long ball aimed at Stockley too much for my liking already in the past few games but here was the long ball aimed at no one in particular. Accrington actually changed their game plan at one point but it seemed we couldn’t.

    I’m not blaming Adkins for our (almost) failure to make the playoffs, though he seemed to follow the Bowyer way of trying to pick a team to deal with the way the opposition plays and got it wrong. We should be better than tha; we should be making managers set up to deal with us.

    We have some decent players but we’ve not had a good team for some time. I wonder how Adkins would have done with Jonny Williams, as generally he likes wide, tricky players, but we’ll bever know.

    Amos has been neaten from long range too often but he’s also kept us in games on many occasions. The problem has been the defenders allowing the shots from just outside the area; I don’t know how many times that’s happened with all defenders being guilty to an extent but Gunter more than most. Can’t see him getting 101 Welsh caps.

    We have a number of players out of contract. I’d like to see us keep Amos, JFC and Chuks, the rest can go as far as I’m concerned. Knowig Charlton we’ll let the three I’ve mentioned go and keep the rest! But we have time, we hopefully have some money, there are no wage caps, let’s see what Thomas, Nigel and Gallen can do.

    May 1, 2021
  7. Tim #

    Worst game of professional football I think I’ve ever watched. Takes me back to watching Brighton in the 3 rd division at theGoldstone Ground in the 70s. Quite how did three intelligent men, Adkins, Euell and Jackson come up with that as a professional football plan in a must win game … Play keepy uppy with the oppo for an hour and defend by kicking into row Z, then see if we can nick a win thru Chucks in the last 30? It’s embarrassing that’s all they believe the available players are capable of.
    Adkins is a long term appointment, better get started on early transfer business and a complete rebuild of the team. Lee Bowyer did amazingly well to get even this lot together under the constraints he had at the time. But going forward, to get out of this league we now need to recruit a core squad of fit, fast hungry players who love a physical game, love to play 90 min twice a week and don’t need micro managing to do it.
    Can we afford players like that? Hope so, the owner doesn’t look as though he likes to mess around, and this will be his first proper chance to let his manager , football director etc show what they can do.

    May 2, 2021
  8. LP #

    As you know CA – I have already written this season off a while ago so was not the least bit surprised or upset yesterday. The highlight of the day for me was the announcement about season tickets going on sale on Tuesday. Watching the stream made me feel sick – not because of the football but because of the cameraman – and then to miss the goal in live play having sat through 90 minutes of queasiness was the bitter end. I can’t wait to get my seat in the Alan Curbishley stand. I guess it is a reflection of just how awful Covid has made our lives that I am smiling this morning at that thought even though it will still be 3rd division football. Bring it on!

    May 2, 2021
  9. Graham #

    What a farce of a match, Accrington should be sponsored by Anadin, only surprise for me was that none of their players were wearing a neck brace. although currently it is agony watching Charlton I am bloody glad that Accrington is as in the North West. What was served up in the name of professional football surely should be against the trade description act, it appears that the only good thing to come out of Accrington Stanley was that long ago milk advert. How can there be any excuse to have let such a poor quality team do the double over us. Need to see some positives come from Adkins as to what he thinks needs to be changed in terms of personnel and from Sangaard as to what amount will be available to put some quality into this team. Just getting rid of Gunter would be a very good place to start.

    May 2, 2021
  10. rierti #

    Nothing to add it as all been said by yourself and other contributors to your site.

    May 2, 2021
  11. Jonathan Acworth #

    needs have a massive clearout in the summer and gallen needs to be sacked for bringing in this dross

    May 2, 2021
  12. Charlton Exile #

    I have a result and goal alert set on my phone. As i was on my sofa missing the equaliser, due to camera director incompetence, an alert came through…”Final score, Accrington 1 Charlton 0″

    Sums up the season really. Cock up from start to finish. (Or was it? Oh no, sorry, wrong show.)

    May 3, 2021

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