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Fleetwood Town 1 Charlton Athletic 1

We started on fire today taking the lead following a lovely move and a cross by Andrew Shinnie so delicious that it was asking to be gobbled up, and it was. Jayden Stockley scoring with a diving header after 6 minutes.

And that was that, because what followed was dreadful.

The goal was the only shot we had on goal all game as we lofted long ball after long ball with no end or middle product. We gave the ball away and cheap fouls and played like a group of strangers.

The performance lacked identity, intelligence or the slightest glint of finesse.

It was only down to Ben Amos that we left with an undeserved point, as Fleetwood peppered our goal in the 2nd half. The conditions were awful with a swirling wind, which made it even more confusing we didn’t get the ball down more often.

It was good to see Akin Famewo back, albeit a bit rusty, and Deji was competent enough alongside him, but the midfield was non-existent and whilst Stockley is prepared to chase lost causes, Schwartz is your school playground goal-hanger who wants the ball played to his feet with an open goal at his mercy.

I’m sorry Thomas, but Ronnie looks a complete waste of money.

Fleetwood have won once in twelve games and are 16th, a place below Gillingham, who beat us last week. Next up bottom side Burton, who have already embarrassed us once this season.

Are we any good. Do we have any fight or reasons for optimism? My glass is very half empty.

🗯: “We asked them questions when we were against the wind. Then with the wind in the second half, we had to play a different style and we dominated.We were inches away from getting that second goal, but it just wasn’t to be.” – Simon Grayson
🖌: Albury Addick; Blackheath Addick;
📷: Kyle Andrews

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  1. Daggs #

    It becomes clearer by the game. The players have no respect for Bowyer and his incomprehensible formations and tactics, he’s lost them.

    February 21, 2021
  2. Norfolk Red #

    I think Bows lost the players a while back. Publicly criticising players might appease fans to some extent (and help distance himself from any blame) but it is never a wise move. After all, he has promoted togetherness since he took over. That includes him. These things, however much warranted, should be done in private. We have gradually seen a decline with some poor, error strewn performances that clearly the players are now disengaged. Nobody will convince me that yesterday’s performance was acceptable. It was embarrassing! On that performance, Schwartz can have no complaints if he doesn’t feature for the rest of the season. I know he needs service but the bare minimum for any player is to give 100% effort. He and others should be ashamed of themselves. I wasn’t “Bows out” but it is now looking inevitable. We are a shambles with no clear way of playing, too many older players coming to the end of their careers hence the lack of energy over 90 mins, and too many unforced errors. Playing as they did yesterday, it will not be too long before the heads of some of the newer recruits drop. Charlton’s chances of promotion this season are gone, let’s face it, but we need to use this season now to develop an effective style of playing to help aide recruitment in the summer.

    February 21, 2021
  3. Ray Freeman #

    Ray Freeman not good enough for Evan the top 6

    February 21, 2021
    • fatbloke60 #

      This weeks excuse is the wind I suppose Tuesday nights game the excuse will be it’s to dark I appreciate conditions are a problem but the two teams on the pitch have to adapt in fleet woods case they did look how many shots they had to us.unfortunately Lee doesn’t seem to now his best team I just don’t know where we go from here

      February 22, 2021
  4. rierti #

    The season is over regarding promotion, so the remainder of the season should be used to identify if any of the U18s and U23s can step up to first team level. But there is a problem, the injury problem that plagues the first team squad also affects the academy. Mingi has not featured for the U23s in recent games, Vennings and Vega have. been missing for 3 months, Aouachra also missing since before Christmas and Powell for well over a month. Two of our most promising U18s have not been seen this season i.e Seydil Toure and Euan Williams. they may well have left for greener pastures but CAFC fail to give any information. At the moment the only young players that could be given a chance to impress are Barker, Quiterna, Harness and Henry. It is no wonder that TS is reviewing whether the academy system is right for CAFC.
    In recent times the treatment by Bowyer of Morgan and Davison has not impressed me and Barker should have featured more often after his promising start to the season.

    February 21, 2021

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