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Bristol Rovers 0 Charlton Athletic 1

Much better. It wasn’t just the result, although did we need it, it was more than that. It was more like the Lee Bowyer’s Charlton we know.

We played an uncomplicated 4-4-2 which allowed us to move up and down the pitch quickly using attractive link play and both wings. A solid back four earned us a long overdue clean sheet and gave us a concrete base to build on. Then up front we created copious chances, and eventually won the game with a fluky goal.

It was nice to see us dominate a game again, and players quick to close down opponents, be assertive out of possession, and creative and positive in.

Of course at the end we were hanging on a bit. Down to 10 men due to Morgan’s naivety, although he was excellent throughout, we had to rely on some good fortune as we were made to watch the clock slowly eat the 5 minutes of added time.

Chuks lasted 70 minutes and should have had at least a couple of goals to his name, but he was a real handful again. Ronnie Schwartz came on and fell over the ball with the goal at his mercy, and then cleared a shot off Rover’s line from our own player. He played his part though, even though Morgan’s dismissal changed his role.

Even Bogle looked as if he knew the game plan and put in a shift, but should have finished the contest late on when he got through one-on-one.

Another habit Bowyer broke today was putting on like-for-like subs, which simply meant we didn’t miss a beat. Even Gilbey was brought on when Morgan was dismissed.

I thought Washington was a little quiet today, Williams played well, but Liam Millar was particularly good. He is very able at moving quickly up the pitch with the ball at his feet, which forces defenders to backpeddle. He and Maatsen have a good little thing going on the left side, although the Chelsea loanee’s passing was often wayward.

It was Oshilaja and Forster-Caskey who were stand-outs though. Deji showed excellent positional sense, was strong in the tackle and confident with the ball. He has to be ahead of Pearce.

And JFC was a constant positive force. His heat map must have had an awful of red marks on it. Great performance from him.

Rovers weren’t great but they can’t be any worse than the other teams down there that have taken a lot of points of us.

On to Tuesday where we will need to be better still.

📢: “Fair play to Deji, he’s not played many minutes and he’s been out injured and has had to wait his time, today he came in and was excellent – on the ball, off the ball, looked very physical and strong in the air, didn’t get rolled or turned, I thought it was a very good performance from Deji.”
🖊: Albury Addick; Drinking During the Game; Blackheath Addick; Addicks Third Division Diary.
📷: Kyle Andrews

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  1. Tisdale Rovers boss complained to the fact that he had 2 players out….how would he have handled having Innis Afemwo Shinnie Maddison Watson Pratley Pearce and now Morgan all out!!!….all worthy of a team place…..

    January 17, 2021
    • Oh and of course Doughty!!!!!!

      January 17, 2021
      • Racewalkrick – yes, which all points to why we really should have aspirations of being near the top of the table. Hopefully we get Shinnie and Akin back for next week.

        January 17, 2021
  2. Daggs #

    For once, Bowyer played a sensible system with the best players (from what we have available) playing in their correct positions.
    Then having scored in the 64th minute he didn’t bring on defenders to protect the lead (which we are incapable of doing)
    He actually made sensible subs. swopping out the front three. In doing so kept the pressure on Bristol and preserved Chucks, who we need to lead the line against Peterborough.
    It’s what us “bedwetters” “idiots” “Bowyer out no nothing wankers” “amateur managers” have been begging for all season.
    I just hope Bowyer has finally learnt, though I have my doubts.

    January 17, 2021
    • Sam #

      There’s a certain irony in one of the LB haters calling himself a “Bowyer out no nothing w*nker”, thus proving the point, spelling-wise at least!

      January 17, 2021
      • Daggs #

        There’s a rather greater irony in that you cannot see past a simple spelling mistake and address the issue.

        January 18, 2021
  3. Daggs – It was a simple, uncomplicated formation with tactics more suited to the way we’ve played previously. A lesson there for sure.

    January 17, 2021
  4. Mike #

    Excellent hard working performance, with JFC, Deji and Morgan performances standing out. That is currently the best midfield pairings we have in JFC,Morgan and Williams as they all seem to gel together. Real shame that Morgan will be out for the next game, just hope he is not replaced with the totally ineffectual Gilbey who’s work rate is very poor and rarely puts in a tackle, as the main object of his game seems to be flailing his arms around telling everyone else what to do, whilst he stands idle watching!

    The only two concerns are on the team that played is, Washington apart from charging about everywhere actually does very little and can’t hold the ball up and Gunter is another liability at the back as he is quite easily beaten on a one to one down the wings, but then the only other person we currently have available again will be Mr Liability himself, Pearce! Too slow, can’t turn and gives away far too many free kicks with his holding onto and pulling players down!!!

    Oh I forgot about Bogle, but the less said about him the better!

    January 17, 2021

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