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My 2020 Top Five Favourite TV Shows

🔝5️⃣ Plenty of time in 2020 to watch the box you’d think, although I have to say for very long periods I struggled so much separating work from home that I would settle for something mindless over immersing myself into a proper series.

Still, I did find picking My 2020 Top Five Favourite Shows tough, as there were probably ten worthy. Nevertheless here are my five picks with a couple of honourable mentions:

1️⃣ The Queen’s Gambit
What a bewitching and handsome miniseries this was. Anya Taylor-Joy was a delight as an oprhaned chess prodigy. Set in the 50’s and 60’s this is a rags to riches story with chess the rare centrepiece.

2️⃣ Ozarks 3
Series number three may have been the best yet of Ozarks. There’s some brilliant acting especially by Laura Linney and I binged my way through this edge of the seat last season never wanting it to end.

3️⃣ The Last Dance
I’m not really a sports documentary person, but the story of Michael Jordan’s time as the king of Chicago (I’ve lived there I know all about MJ’s transcendent reputation) puts to shame any sports doc that came before it. Searing honesty captivatingly told. Jordan is the most single-minded winner of all time.

4️⃣ Big Little Lies 1 & 2
A dark comedy set in a California seaside town. These two series gripping, addictive and bitingly funny. Great peformances to from Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley and Laura Dern.

5️⃣ Deadwater Fell
Investigations into a deadly Scottish house fire produce a sinister and fascinating mystery. David Tennant plays a very dark character. A whodunnit with artsy filmography adding to the drama.

Honourable mentions: The Spy; Unorthodox; Better Call Saul 5.

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  1. Bob Miller #

    CA, I agree on a number of your choices. You might want to try “Catastrophe,” which is excellent, more or less in the genre of “Flea Bag.”

    January 3, 2021
  2. You clearly didn’t watch, ‘My Octopus Teacher?’

    January 3, 2021
    • 🐙 I did not Martin….

      January 3, 2021
      • It’s on Netflix and well worth a watch. I believe you have a dog, so I’m assuming you have some affection for animals, even perhaps the less cuddly ones. Though this one may surprise you.

        January 4, 2021
        • I’ve looked it up and will give it a watch. Thanks Martin.

          January 4, 2021

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