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Swindon Town 2 Charlton Athletic 2

Haven’t learnt a thing have we.

That’s four points dropped in injury time in the least two away games against teams at the bottom. You know 4 points come the end of the season will matter. Leading up to the Leeds game at the end of last season how many last minute conceded goals did we mull over in our heads.

Fine lines, but so needless, so frustrating. We weren’t great, weren’t particularly at the races, but we were better and had the better chances. The negative tactics to defend a lead against inferior opposition is becoming very irksome.

I was following the game via phone walking around Sarasota with periodic stops for coffee, and the 2nd half moved quite quickly to 90 minutes after Aneke had given us the lead.

I checked Twitter. 90 mins. We sound as if we are needlessly hanging on. Swindon corner. I switch off. Another glug of coffee. Two phone messages followed instantly. I didn’t need to check the score, I knew.

How to make a lovely sunny walking morning turn sour, god they make you grumpy don’t they.

Why take off midfielders for defenders. We are singularly unable to defend a lead at the present time, and this is not an isolated incident. Why is Oshilaja not starting?

Questions, when the answer seems simple. Yes Lee we could have, should have, would have scored another 9 more, but it does not matter one iota if we retreat further and further into our own penalty as the clock counts down.

Not a good day for Charlton and their London and south-east based fans.

🗯 “Everyone is going to drop points, but this and Shrewsbury now, that’s four points we’ve dropped and it shouldn’t be happening.”
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  1. It was ever thus, or at least it was last year as well. Very frustrating. Curbs said in the studio he was unhappy about the last 10-15 minutes and the substitutions, although I think that Forster-Caskey had to be taken off before he got a red. But playing five at the back was a mistake: we should have taken the game to them as they were poor. From the reaction of the home fans, you would think they had won the cup.

    December 20, 2020
  2. Steve #

    CA we do the same thing time and time again
    Love Lee as we do but when will he learn, we just can’t do shut up shop
    Yes could and should have been 4 or 5, Swindon are woeful and couldn’t believe their luck when we sat back, allowed them to stroll through our midfield three and panic our makeshift 5 at the back
    You could see it coming You were lucky to be in Sarasota
    Ultimately cost us our place last season and could do the same this – would be sitting joint top now
    Thoroughly miserable and depressing day all round

    December 20, 2020

    It was the inevitability of it, you could see the way we were hoofing it out only for it to come back. We don’t seem to posses the composure the play into the channels, use width and pace, draw a foul and get our selves a set piece to kill time. Williams would have helped.
    We went back and back and I was sure Swindon were going to a get a pen given their possession and dribbles in the box. After Shrewsbury hopefully it is lesson learned. We at least have a lighter schedule and can reinforce come January. TS has seen it, SG will have a list and LB will have to be braver. We didn’t look great but a point from a wild afternoon in Wiltshire is kind of ok. Had we come from behind we would be more upbeat.

    December 20, 2020
  4. Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis #

    Irksome is masterful understatement CA
    Oshilaja is not starting because he is awful, way way behind almost all alternatives currently fit.
    He did a competent man marking job twice at the tail of last season which involved almost no football at all but those appearances aside he barely looks conference standard, his taking the field scares me in a way I haven’t been scared since Thuram-Ulien was foisted on Chris Powell.

    December 20, 2020
  5. howard lambie #

    Sciurius, CA re Oshilaja: Its all about opinions! I personally think the attack is awful. Apart from not scoring they can’t hold the ball up. One of them can’t play 90 minutes and on Saturday Washington had a mare. The pressure keeps going back on the defence.
    Hopefully the January transfer window will help with a striker there are rumours about.

    December 21, 2020

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