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Burton Albion 4 Charlton Athletic 2

Well that was a shocker start to finish. I think the players were starting to believe their own press, hopefully it will bring us down a peg or two.

Burton looked like scoring every time they attacked, yet three of the goals were defensive cock-ups, the opening two absolute howlers. I have to say Pratley and Gunter got found out tonight, one band aid too many.

I’d have brought on Oshilaga and Pearce at half-time. Heck, shame we can only have five subs, I’d have taken the lot off. in fact Bowyer had already yanked Bogle.

We were poor across the park, abysmal in fact, midfield was all over the place, the front players ran down dark alleys. We were chasing the game from the beginning and Burton were deserved winners.

Tough old league this, as we know, and there will be other bad days and nights at the office. The mark of a good team is how they bounce back. The next game can’t come quick enough.

Someone once said that it’s not the will to win that matters. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.

A fair few including Bowyer himself have compared the debacle to the Scunthorpe game two years ago. I only mentioned that game the other day in post!

You have to remember that potentially there was a bumper iFollow crowd today with the chance to win a Range Rover. How typically Charlton!

Bow’s thoughts: “Poor from start to finish. Too many people going through the motions. You can’t give teams, no matter where they are in the division, a two-goal head start. I’ve never seen anything like it.”
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  1. Glad I don’t watch the midweek games! Any long-term suffering fans will know that an eight match unbeaten run coming up against a team struggling at the bottom of the table without a win for some time is they type of game we often manage to cock-up: You mentioned Scunthorpe but it’s Swindon in 2000 that always sticks in the mind.

    Let’s see how we bounce back and Bowyer’s selection for Saturday will be interesting.

    November 24, 2020
    • Swindon was a shocker. A rare Kiely mistake. If I remember rightly though we bounced back well. Even beat Palarse.

      November 25, 2020
  2. PATHETIC and Bows need to accept responsibility for his team selection and as for the players and 4 at most can hold their heads up.
    IMHO he seems determined to rotate is squad every single game and why is Morgan our by far best midfielder relegated to the bench.
    Unfortunately, Bows has hardly no tactical nous but again fearing we have, yet again unfit or not up the standard and is determined to rotate his team every single match, though TBF I don’t think he knows his best 11.
    2 CB’s on the subs bench and what did young Barker do wrong and IMHO it will be Ipswich who will be up for it on Saturday.
    Maddison a total waste of space and really fearing his it seems disruptive attitude in the dressing room and his reaction when substituted not at ll good.
    Bows say trust me on Chucks we have to manage him but not impressed with Bogle at all and also his attitude.
    Despite all the good results but the last 2 games really pee poor and think all is not right in the dressing room.
    Sometimes, I just wish Bows would be honest enough to say it was my fault, just once.
    Wake up CAFC you not as good as you think you are!!

    November 25, 2020
  3. Steve, no chance of that car and they would not ship it out to us and yet another thing we have to put up with. tc ok

    November 25, 2020
  4. A reminder that you can’t read results off the league.

    November 25, 2020
  5. rierti #

    If players on 1year contracts are not hacking it by January pay up their contracts and get them out of the club as they are likely to be a disruptive influence, It also frees up spaces in the squad. Last year I made similar comments about Hemed and Kayal. Hemed remained to the end of the season and contributed nothing although Bowyer seemed determined to play him when available at the expense of Green and Davison.
    Surely Davison is a better option than Bogle and maybe Aouachria should be considered when he has a few more games under his belt following his long absence through injury.

    November 25, 2020
    • Never sure how we were able to pay Hemed until the season end, but I tend to agree. Have to be more cutthroat with this season’s budget.

      November 25, 2020
  6. Brendan #

    Too early to throw bath water out but disturbed that bowyer made no attempt to change back four late in game when it was clear how vulnerable our centre half’s were.

    Sunday league referees don’t help either, he was out of his depth.

    Biggest worry for me is Maddison, doesn’t look like he wants to be here.

    November 25, 2020
    • Brendan – yes, Maddison. I’d be not surprised if he doesn’t become an outcast second half of the season. Bowyer can get blood from stones but they need to be willing to run and run. Not sure Maddison looks like he wants to put in the effort

      Also. I think the refereeing has got worse at this level. Many don’t look up to it at all. I assume the good ones get pushed into The Championship.

      November 25, 2020

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