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Charlton Athletic 0 Plymouth Argyle 1

The first time in 11 seasons that we’ve exited the FA Cup in the 1st Round, and only the second time since 1973, but Lee Bowyer didn’t appear to care much, and he made the point in as many words at least, that if the players had cared more we wouldn’t have lost.

Bow was pretty scathing in his post-match press conference about most things – the players who came back in, bar one or two, the amount of games, the “stupid cup” on Tuesday and the international break. Marcus Maddison was given the benefit of doubt but his expectation of the midfielder’s work rate was left in little doubt.

A day to forget then, and sadly another Addicks Cup game which has slowly diminished the excitement I used to feel in my youth.

Bowyer’s argument is that if we can’t win it, then what’s the point, and his winning mentality shone in his pre-match presser if you saw it.

I don’t want us to lose any game, even this coming Tuesday’s absolute waste of time, but this season with no fans at the game, it’s hard to argue that we should make the FA Cup a priority. What would today’s crowd of been anyway? 4,500?

Jephcott got the winner on the hour and although we started well and ended stronger after the introduction of subs, the bit in the middle was mostly forgettable. Only Aneke, Barker and Maynard-Brewer were to get any credit.

So we can now concentrate on the league, and we really can.

Bow’s thoughts: “These competitions are not for us. These competitions ain’t for clubs like us, they’re not. They’re for the Premier League teams to play their u21s in there. They’re not for us. What are we gaining from it.” On the EFL Trophy.

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  1. rierti #

    No second striker to back up Aneke, I have always believed that in our grade of football you need two in the team and two on the bench. Would we have achieved a better result if Davison had been available to partner Aneke. When Davison plays in the U23s he is the only striker worthy of the name and when he played in the first team he was paired with the ineffective Green. I think he would play well off of any of our other three strikers Aneke, Bogle or Washington as he mainly scores goals in or around the six yard box i.e, a poacher who would benefit playing alongside a target man
    Vennings continues to impress me and I hope his progress is not limited by being behind Levitt in the pecking order for selection.

    November 7, 2020
    • rierti- question is. Will Davison learn more and improve playing higher end of the National League than he would being on our bench and playing in games like this coming Tuesday?

      November 8, 2020
  2. rierti #

    Davison does need to go out on loan but we only have three strikers in house at the moment. Only Washington is fully tuned up, Bogle is still gaining fitness and Aneke is prone to niggling injuries and does not play 90 minutes. Washington will be playing for N .Ireland so will not get a break. When I said we need two in the team and two on the bench I was thinking that with rotation all four would be involved on the pitch on a regular basis .Aneke and Bogle basically cover the target man(no.9) role, there is no cover for Washington Leaving Davison on the bench is not my thinking at all I would want him to play on a regular basis. If we recruit another striker in January, Davison can get a loan then. As we now play the Ipswich game on the 28th I think that the need for four strikers is important at this time..

    November 8, 2020

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