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Hurricane Paulette

it has been a very active Atlantic hurricane season thus far, with already 18 named storms, 5 in September already so Bermuda was never going to get away scot-free and sure enough Hurricane Paulette is barrelling towards us and is expected to roll right over the top of us around 6am tomorrow. Unfortunately it is meandering so slowly that the island will suffer hurricane force winds for up to 9 hours. What fun!

Outside of the kitchen window I can already hear the crashing of the waves from the bay at the bottom of the lane (photo), although it is reasonably calm out, darkness does now fill the sky.

I just went to move the car as we are surrounded by big trees. I stuck it outside the church at the bottom of the road. Mind you, there are massive cedar trees down there also, and the church has a lot of glass, but I’m assuming Mother Nature will be kinder to them than me.

We have been through plenty of hurricanes in the last 12 years, although the windswept-other-half reckons I’m away for most of them…. lies of course (although if the world was normal, I’d been away this coming week 🤷‍♂️).

Long gone are the fun lock yourselves in the basement and drink yourselves through it days, hurricanes with responsibilities are no fun, and almost it’s the before and after which is the worst.

We’ve spent most of the day prepping the best way to you can for 110mph sustainable winds, which basically forces you into a whole outside clean up, only to be forced to do it all over again after the hurricane rips through your garden a day or so later.

And then the power will be out for days, it become as hot as balls 🥵, and 500 gazillion ants land on the island to colonize it.

Fortunately I went the the wine store yesterday. Anyway, wish us luck.

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  1. greg brown #

    Lets hope you all get through it safely and with the minimum of damage, then you can get back to worrying about the takeover of our beloved club…..will it happen this week,or is there another twist in the tail in the saga of the future of CAFC ?

    Greg Brown…..a Yorkshire Addick.

    September 14, 2020
  2. Good luck CA -batten down the hatches and lets hope for a good week all round !

    September 14, 2020
  3. LP #

    Stay safe and hope Paulette blows some good news our way!!!

    September 14, 2020
  4. Mike #

    Luckily most hurricane threats down your way CA are a bit like our reviled (or should that be revered….? Nahh….) owners – full of huff and puff and hot air with promises that never come to anything….! I bet you haven’t had a Hurricane Nimar or Hurricane Southall yet?

    Occasionally you end up in the path of one, such as Paulette so good luck and hope you don’t get a direct hit. Still, you could be on the west coast of the U S of A with all of the fires….. Actually I’d prefer to be away from both of them.

    By the time Paulette blows herself away Charlton may be celebrating a win over West Ham – just like in the last game…. or maybe they won’t! Anyway, stay safe and look forward to hearing from you next weekend.

    September 14, 2020

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