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EFL bungle Sheffield Wednesday’s punishment

Looks as if the Independent Disciplinary Commission’s report into Sheffield Wednesday’s cheating of Financial Fair Play will report that it decided against EFL’s immediate 12-point deduction because the EFL took too long to bring charges and initially pursued the wrong case first. (Read more**)

The EFL initially wanted Wednesday officials to be sanctioned for their part in owner Dejphon Chansiri buying the Hillsborough stadium. That case was dismissed, and after the old duffers sat on it for while it then became too late for them to pursue the FFP offense.

Yet, the EFL still wanted to deduct Wednesday their 12 points this season, thus saving us from relegation, but the Commission in a report that is due to be released tomorrow said it would have been unfair to dock them points this season.

What a load of tosh. And what a shambolic embarrassment the governing body is.

** It is The Sun.

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  1. green #

    who oversees this independant disciplinary panel , they seem to work with anonimity and no accountability.

    August 16, 2020

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