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Wednesday docked 12 points. But not yet

What a farce. The EFL covering themselves in glory again.

Now I will say we finished 2nd from bottom after 46 games and deserved our fate. You are where you are. We had our chances but blew it. Bowyer and his team got blood out of a stone and somehow managed to win 48 Championship points with a middling League One squad, a ridiculous and hugely distracting ownership saga, a long and debilitating injury list, our best player refusing to play, and a transfer embargo just one of the many behind the scenes troubles.

But, honestly what a corrupt and immoral organization the EFL are. This was a crime Sheffield Wednesday carried out over two years ago. They were found guilty in November last year. The EFL then passed the decision to an independent disciplinary panel and they wait until nine days after the prolonged season ends to make their decision. A spineless decision at that.

Sheffield Wednesday broke the rules, they overspent on wages by misappropriating monies from elsewhere. Worse, they tried their utmost to hide their crime, whereas last season Birmingham City offered up their reasonings. The Blues were deducted 9 points last season, but it immediately impacted their league points total.

In the context of how the Wigan penalty applies, it makes no sense whatsoever. The reason for deferring a penalty to the next season is because applying it in current season when it is known it has no detrimental impact makes it a non-penalty.

Derby must be next up for the crooked old duffer’s disciplinary panel. I bet they get their’s docked from this just completed season because this also would have zero impact. The more I write about this, the more angry 😡 I am.

Anyway, who knew. We have a lawyer at Charlton and he is considering a legal challenge. I bet Sheffield Wednesday and the EFL are quaking in their boots.

How many of these tough pills do we have to keep having stuffed down our throats?

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  1. Richard Yerrell #

    Charlton cannot appeal unless they want to waste money, the case has nothing to do with them. The case was always scheduled to be heard after season ended, its only because of covid there has been a cross over. Probably better to win more games in future rather then relying on others .

    August 1, 2020
    • Hello 👀

      June 23rd apparently. One game after the season resumed. Agree, win more games fairly and squarely. Good luck next season.

      August 1, 2020
    • Richard Yarrell, Fair point but deliberately cheating and then trying to hide it. Shameful but CAFC simply deserved to go down pure and simple and enough games were thrown away.
      I hate football and all it stands for. Totally corrupt and all about money. SO WHAT’S NEW THEN? YES, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

      August 2, 2020

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