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Leeds United 4 Charlton Athletic 0

It’s hard to write this. Hard to take, and even harder to look into our future now.

Of course we shouldn’t have been here. Having to go to the league’s best team needing to win. We’d already blown it. When Birmingham’s scored last week I knew that. Congratulations to Luton and Barnsley. They properly stepped up when they had too, and commiserations to Wigan and their supporters. How about that bottom three f*ucked over by shysters eh?

EFL, you must be proud, and I hope Lyle Taylor and Chris Solly sleep well tonight.

We shouldn’t have been here, but tonight was a very painful experience. Barnsley’s late goal the ultimate mallet smacking a nail in our coffin. And in a coffin is possibly how this football club ends up.

Leeds were on a different planet to us tonight. Led by masterclass coach Marcelo Bielsa, we chased shadows first half. It was non-league v Premier League in the FA Cup 3rd Round. We, of course did make chances, but of course we missed them.

We were never going to win tonight, but every other f*cker did, except for, surprise surprise, Birmingham.

Back to League One then, but sadly no rays of hope or shadows of possibilities. Let’s be real, the next weeks and months are going to be shit and hard to watch. How much more of this can Addicks take?

Finally, I wanted to thank Lee, Jacko, Andy Marshall, Grant Basey, Steve Gallen and all of the players. They truly gave everything, every game.

This was a season, it’s been a year, like no other. And the football calendar has ended in another fateful relegation. Another as unnecessary as the last. Yet, normally we’d sit here and slag people off, criticize short-comings or wasters that did not wear that famous red shirt with the pride that you or I would.

I can’t say that at all. Yes, some players were better than others, but not once did I think that they did not care about our football club. They did, and Lee Bowyer epitomizes what it means to be a part of Charlton Athletic.

Now, to get rid off those wannabe, blood-sucking nobodies who have tried to rip our football club too shreds. Let’s turn our anger and outrage on them.

Bow said: “We should have been safe before we came here tonight but we weren’t, so I’m disappointed obviously getting relegated is never a nice thing to happen. I’m not in a good place at the moment.

“But I love the club. I’ve been loyal and I gave my all. I could’ve left on more than one occasion.”

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  1. Alan Oakes #

    Sadly it looked like we were two divisions apart. We were never in the game except for a few minutes after half time. Indeed the score may have flattered us. You can’t win if you can’t create chances and score and that has been our problem for the latter half of the season. The gods seem to have transpired against all season and not least Barnsley scoring against a sure home bet in the 91 st minute. This truly has been a cruel season. I feel numb, depressed and so so sad…

    Like everyone, I worry this is the end of the club. I worry that anyone will buy us and as someone suggested in another post, maybe this means even if someone does it may have to be in another venue— not the Valley as no one will pay $50 million to the other idiot. I can’t see anyone currently involved rescuing us..There was still hope if we had stayed in the Championship.

    Clearly, not being able to sign players, most of our team gone, anD the season starting soon, I am not optimistic indeed quite the opposite.. Another large drink is indeed warranted…

    July 22, 2020
  2. John Morgan #

    Thanks Chicago Addick. I’ve been following your posts all year and they have been insightful, funny, topsy-turvy as has the season, and pointed. Your pain is palpable.

    I’d like to thank the manager and his support staff. They have worked tirelessly through all that has been thrown at them, on and off the field. I’m so proud that they have represented Charlton in the manner that they have. Never did I not believe we had the best team in place to help secure our Championship status. Bowyer said it at the start of the campaign. Staying in the division would be a bigger achievement than having been promoted to it. He was right. I must congratulate Luton & Barnsley – they came from a long way back in the pack. All credit to them.

    And to the players. I feel for them. We weren’t as good as many teams, but gee we fought on in most games. You knew what you were getting with this team. But so many points lost along the way to last minute goals, and so many missed opportunities. The team created enough, but it wasn’t to be.

    Thanks to the warriors – Pratley, Pearce. Great servants to the club. Thanks to the loanees. So often they are duds. I reckon all played for the shirt, some with aplomb. Thanks to the kids – playing in a division before your time. You’ve got bright futures. I hope it is with Charlton.

    I hope this hurts everyone involved. And a resolve grows to come back better next season, and bounce back. Ownership needs to be sorted out, managerial roles will play out, players will come and go. Now is not the time to sulk. Now is the time to show us what we’re made of. Again!

    July 22, 2020
  3. greg brown #

    I fear relegation is another step toward the club sliding into oblivion.Every Charlton fan knows of the shambles that has gone on behind the scenes at boardroom level for the best part of the last 5 years,only to culminate in the ‘circus’ that is ESI taking ownership of the club.
    Let us take stock of the problems this great old football club and it’s supporters now face.
    We have no legal owner,no money or financial backing,a transfer and contract embargo,an investigation by the EFL likely to end in a 12 point deduction at some stage next season,half of the current players out of contract now,the manager and coaching staff likely to leave,a courtroom battle between board members,the ground and training facility still owned by a Belgian and the very real threat of administration just around the corner.
    Has any football club ever had as many problems and bounced back ?….I dont think so.
    The immediate future is bleak at best and I fear for the name and existence of Charlton Athletic.

    Greg Brown…..A Yorkshire Addick.

    July 23, 2020
    • I think there is such a powerful force of a fan base that the name will never cease. Trouble is it may have AFC at the start of it and it will be in the Isthmian League 😦

      July 24, 2020
  4. rierti #

    A very sad day. But I would be happy if the ownership issue is settled quickly so that we can move on. If we survive,the turnover of both management and playing staff is likely to be considerable. I see that Lockyer has a relegation release clause and will probably leave.Our most valuable player, Phillips, is out of contract and will be hard to retain. What a shambles!!!

    July 23, 2020
    • Lockyer has a free transfer. Another smart Duchatelet move.

      I think Phillips is under contract until next summer.

      July 24, 2020
  5. LP #

    So CA. It has been a lot like watching a person I love die very slowy ever since that dreadful man constructively dismissed Chris Powell – or perhaps we can go back further to Scott Parker/Abramovich. Perhaps its time to fall on the sword because truly – just how much more can we take? I find myself wishing it would happen so I don’t have to think about it any more.
    I’d miss you though! x

    July 23, 2020
    • Awww. That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. And I’d miss you too.

      July 24, 2020
  6. Shadow Play #

    Hmm my main emotion today has been apathy rather than disappointment. Going into the match last night we theoretically might have got a result, but that hope was snuffed out quickly. The contrast with Leeds was obvious but also with Barnsley, but how did they beat Brentford who were chasing automatic promotion? Because they believed in themselves. We played like a team that was already relegated and were fulfilling the contractual obligation to see the season out while trying, very, very hard not to spoil Leed’s promotion party.

    Where do we go from here? Not just back into L1 but a very uncertain future with senior players leaving, no money,and our owner, that is if he is the owner apparently heading up a consortium of unknown strength and depth. Who knows who is in it – from the way the players played I’d suggest that there is little there. Will Bow, JJ and Steve Gallen stay? They are going to be under-demand and the plain speaking Bow has put the blame where it really lies – with boardroom chaos. We overachieved last season but that was despite the behind the scenes chaos, you can’t keep overachieving with that lack of support.

    July 23, 2020

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