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Chris Parkes suspended

Matt Southall’s public relations machine looks like juddering to a halt, unlike he and his pals’ Range Rovers.

Confirmation that long-time club secretary Chris Parkes has been suspended by Southall, pending an investigation. Parkes, one would assume was behind conversations with Tahnoon Nimer and the EFL as to what is actually going on at the club under Southall’s leadership.

Parkes has been at Charlton for over 30 years and knows where all the skeleton’s are buried. He is close to players and Lee Bowyer holds him in very high regard.

This has to concern the EFL, as it should supporters, because Parkes runs a very tight ship and has a handle on all things football related.

The EFL have now finished their prawn sandwiches and made a statement.

“As a result of not receiving the required information the Club was placed under a registration embargo and that position remains as the EFL seeks assurances that the necessary funds are available and for that funding to be placed in the Club.

The EFL’s position has been reserved and it is considering with its external advisors what further action should be taken under its Regulations.”

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  1. Shadow Play #

    I heard this earlier – wow just wow. I’ve had a few dealings with Chris Parkes over the years as I’m sure many of us have and I have never found him to be anything other than a top bloke, friendly informative and helpful. I’m not sure what the truth is betwen TN and MS but I am definitely siding with Chris Parkes.

    March 10, 2020
  2. Chris #

    I have known Chris Parkes for many years and who is a man of integrity and honesty and it would seem that TN and MS are worried that the truth will come out….beware TN and MS of the fans who won’t stand for this massive con….
    Morals and Honesty are qualities that Chris has in abundance….If your reading this Chris I’m fully behind you and so will the staff,players and fans…..nothing like being thrown under a bus hey ?

    March 11, 2020

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