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My 2019 Top Five Bermuda Things

Back on my doorstep then for my next 2019 Top Five. No Michelin stars, no movie premieres, no historical monuments, but local small scale stuff and fun things that peaked my interest.

To continue my January look back at my 2019, these are My Top Five Favourite Bermuda Things

1. Pride March, August
The first ever official Pride Parade took place roughly 14 months after Bermuda became the first jurisdiction in the world to rescind marriage rights for same-sex couples. 6,000 people lined the streets in colourful togetherness in the face of a very conservative and religious society.

2. New Airport
First impressions when arriving by air of this idyllic island are of leaky ceilings, peeling paint, moldy carpet and gruff staff – you’d be grumpy if you had to work there. However that is all set to change in July when the new airport opens. It already looks mightily impressive.

3. Two Rock
This is a little place I like to hang out in. Two Rock is a cool little company that imports wine, beers, spirits and all kinds of great foods and ingredients. You’ll find their mark all over the island especially in restaurants, but there’s no better way to lose an hour or three at their warehouse with Matt and John.

4. Bermuda Football Team
The Bermuda football team did this little island with a population of 60,000 proud in 2019. Led by Nahki Wells they made their debut at the CONCACAF Gold Cup putting up a great show, and also made it into the top Nations League group and only get relegated after losing to an injury time goal in Mexico, a country with a population of 126 million!

5. PGA Golf, November
I’m not a golfer, but if you are then get yourself to this little isle. The courses are stunning and the island does do a good job of hosting big events, and the PGA Bermuda Championship was no different as we got up close to some of the world’s best players whilst sipping on cold beers.

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