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Happy Christmas to you all.

We have spent many more years on the island than off it on Christmas Day and I don’t ever remember the weather being anything but clear, sunny and relatively warm. Yet this morning the weather outside is frightful, rain is crashing against the windows and the wind is howling. So, I’ve got the wood fire going, which is of course, quite delightful.

We will soon sit in front of it drinking espresso washed down with mimosa’s and make a mess on the floor with buttery croissants, and then in a while we won’t even be able to see the floor as it will be covered in discarded wrapping paper.

Just the three of us today, with the visit to the beach to see friends probably abandoned, we will play board games, watch TV, and eat. A lot. With me cooking pheasant later and a boat load of vegetables.

Right, I’m being called. Either the fire has gone out or it is present time. Enjoy your days all.

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  1. Mike #

    Merry Christmas CA!

    December 25, 2019

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