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Harris leaves Millwall

Very surprising news coming from Bermondsey tonight as Neil Harris has tendered his resignation. A Millwall legend, Harris was one of the longest serving managers in the country and has delivered much success on a limited budget amongst much more affluent or at least more speculative clubs in this division.

I had their game at Luton on the box last night and they played pretty well, and were unfortunate not to take 3 points in my mind, yet I understand there were shouts of ‘Harris out’ amongst the away end.

Harris had found a way of playing that was effective if ugly. His summer signings including three strapping six-foot plus strikers represented his tactical philosophy. Bowyer came from his lake in France with a footballing methodology and post-Guardiola it appears more voguish to adopt a more expansive style, even lower down the pyramid. It sounds more than more Lions’ fans were unhappy to what they were being dished up.

Their budget was small in relation to the majority of others in The Championship, although bigger than ours, and Steve Gallen has shown a fat cheque book is not needed to pick up bargains, who can also play with the ball at their feet.

I had Millwall and Harris staying up this season, purely because of their never say die spirit and fitness plus that annoying age-old penchant to beat sides more capable than them (what are their odds on Saturday?). That’ll would be enough to keep their heads above water.

Last night as always Harris spoke after the match articulately and with an eye on a plan. The timing tonight seems odd to say the least. Has he another job lined up? Does John Berylson have a replacement in the works? Whatever the decision to who comes in next is vital, especially as Harris has built his squad around a certain style of play.

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  1. David Coombe #

    Nice post, although an Addick through and through, always had a little admiration for NH, particularly considering is past health issues. Am sure Millwall’s budget is not significantly higher than ours buit what they don’t have is the incredible recruitment talents of Gallen. Interestingly, I understand that Aiden O’Brien would jump at the chance to join Charlton, I’d certainly have him.

    October 3, 2019
    • Thanks David. Makes you realize how lucky we are with Gallen. No personal slights but Millwall have an ex newspaper reporter as head of recruitment and Terry Bullivant as chief scout!

      October 4, 2019
  2. “what are their odds on Saturday?” – 5/1. Thank you very much.

    October 5, 2019

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