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Purrington makes it four

Ben Purrington has flown out to Malaga to sign a 3-year deal for an undisclosed fee. Purrington had a year left on his Rotherham contract.

Rich Cawley leaked the move this morning and then today the Rotherham left-back flew out to finalize his move and join the Addicks’ training camp at La Cala.

Purrington was described as a 7/10 player when he joined on loan in January after spending the first half of the season at AFC Wimbledon. He was certainly very consistent, adept defensively, and his attacking play developed a lot as the season wore on under the guidance of Bow and Jacko. All capped of course with that goal at Wembley.

Steve Gallen said: “He fitted in so well last year. The manager was keen to have him back, I was keen to have him back, the players will be delighted when they all see him. I’m sure the fans will be happy as well. He’s a good player who kept improving as the weeks went on right up to the last game when I thought he was excellent.”

Purrington and Lewis Page are very different and offer Bowyer a variety of skill-sets. Purrington never really had a chance to test himself in The Championship, but he will now.

Welcome back Ben.

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  1. Loops #

    Except it’s not three.

    Bonne, Lockyer, Aneke and Purrington.

    July 2, 2019
  2. Also a young GK and forgot his name. Hey ho not nitpicking LOL and wow a 3 year signing on the same day as Dalman walks away but this guy has no money input to Cardiff and are any of us surprised at this totally false T/O and the RAT wants to sell??? Really and now asking 50 million and no wonder no one is buying CAFC and us and Newcastle must be having a competition to see who gets sold first and I know the Toon the total end of the scale, but the same issues with evil & vindictive Owners and just how much money do they need. Same same RAT and Cockey Cockney MULIBILLIONAIRES

    July 2, 2019

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