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Has it been a week?

So what were you doing this time last week?

Tremendous wasn’t it. My screen time has been off the charts this week. I have watched every video, zoomed in on every photo and read every article. As the song goes…. I just can’t get enough.

This commentary from the Terry and Greg will stay will me a very long time:

I wanted to live in the moment this week and not have my mind drift off to next season, but the club quickly put out the list of players offered contracts and those not. We knew of course that whatever division we ended up in there would be major changes. It has become the way under the short-termism of Duchatelet’s ownership.

In other seasons players have disappeared as quick as they’ve arrived, often unannounced and unwelcome. None of those made any lasting impression on me. Yet all those that have worn the shirt this season will always hold a special place our hearts.

The loan players for example have been exceptional. Refreshingly, and I’m sure it was a huge negotiation with the owner, but Gallen and Bowyer were allowed to bring in the right kind of loan players. Those with hunger, desire and wanting to learn. Even Chris Maxwell’s attitude had to be so important in the dressing room, as disappointed as he must have been to not have played once.

Arsenal and West Ham have to be ecstatic with how Bielik and Cullen have matured and improved under Bowyer and Jacko. Purrington, who plays under the radar, a 7 every week Bow described him as when he signed. He was fantastically consistent, and that goal is better every time I re-watch it.

Josh Parker has done himself no harm absolutely buying into the style of play, teamwork and hard work that Bowyer insists on. That 50-yard chase back at Doncaster in the 1st leg was awe-inspiring and epitomized the non-stop application demanded by the manager. I witnessed that and I thought, how can this team not succeed.

Off the four offered new contracts, it is more than possible that only Jake Forster-Caskey begins pre-season. There’s a slim chance Patrick Bauer will stay, a less than skeleton chance that the heavily pursued Joe Aribo will.

Tarique Fosu’s name on the list was an initial surprise, but it’s become apparent the fundamental reason for that is that we will get compensation when he moves on. Fosu has ability and pace, attributes that can glow in The Championship, but his attitude and selfishness does not sit well with Bowyer.

The players moving on, Bowyer said, each had their own unique reasons. In Nicky Ajose that is obvious. Igor, cult hero that he became, has had terrible injury problems. Bowyer and Gallen’s budget will allow them to carry no one. Mark Marshall and Ben Reeves were always Karl Robinson’s players. Reeves was described as the best player in League One by Robinson and we pursued him like, well like he was Joe Aribo. Marshall, and Reeves in particular, never lived up to the hype.

Marshall, Reeves, Ajose and Vetokele also have to top the salary list and every penny is important as whilst we still wallow in that glorious day a week a go today, Steve Gallen gets to work.

Bow was very honest, as we’ve come to expect, about the future of Jonny Williams. The Welshman has clearly enjoyed his time in SE7 and will, I’m sure. acknowledge how the club, and the coaching and medical staff, and re-vitalized his career. Money will play a part of course, but possibly he will put stability and locale above that. Williams is a Championship player.

Anyway Lee is on his lake in France with his fishing rod in the water and I am still wallowing in victory. I’m in no rush to stop watching the re-runs.

Allez, Allez, Allez.

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  1. rierti #

    I must confess to surprise that Hackett Fairchild was released. He is by no means certain to make the grade but at times has shown some potential. He has never played on the pitch at the same time as Taylor and I felt that was worth trying. I wish him the best of luck and hope that his move to Bromley FC works out for him. The main reason for my surprise is that none of the strikers in the U23 squad are anywhere near being ready for first team consideration. The first team squad in my opinion needs four strikers we only have one,Taylor. If you play two you need two on the subs bench and that doesn’t allow for injuries or suspensions. Recruiting three strikers will not be easy, although one or two could be a loanees. I note our interest in Otzumer but he is normally employed as an attacking midfielder.

    June 2, 2019
    • I assume the RHF deal was already arranged. Hopefully that league can be a springboard for him like it was Pigott and Michael Smith.

      I suspect will work with the smallest squad possible as Gallen juggles with the best use of the budget. Be amazed if they will buy / loan 4 strikers.

      As always, I’m interested in your view on the other academy players let go..

      June 2, 2019
      • rierti #

        The other academy players released such as Bowry and Cummins never made sufficient progress with the U23s but should be able to find clubs at non-league level. Kennedy, Carey and Anderson all suffered severe injuries two or three years ago but were unable to regain their form although all given time to do so.

        June 2, 2019
  2. Steve #

    Mate honestly next season is next season and whoever comes and goes as long as we’ve got Bow/JJ somehow think we’ll be OK
    Who knows even a new owner
    For now though totally agree, I’ve not so much had an inner smile all week but a full on roar, relaxing in Cornwall this Sunday, what contrast to last week, wish we could live it al again but without the stress
    There will come a time when I stop watching them video clips 10 times a day but not just yet
    We need to soak it up as it’s so so deserved
    Have a great summer and let’s look forward with excitement and anticipation and not worry too much about the ifs buts and maybes just think pat Bauer 6 secs to go and everything will be alright

    June 2, 2019
    • I’m still soaking it up mate. Enjoy your summer as well.

      June 2, 2019
  3. Bob Miller #

    Isn’t next year’s direction on personnel entirely predicated on the much anticipated change of ownership? Rightly or wrongly, one has to believe a new owner will come in prepared to pay sufficient money to bolster the squad up to Championship standards. If so, why not compete for the signatures of such as Bauer? Just because other teams are paying him attention, is not necessarily a reason for Charlton to loose a good quality player and one who did just a little bit to make the Championship a reality!

    June 2, 2019
    • Bob Miller #

      Make that “lose” a good quality player………….

      June 2, 2019
    • Bob – I’ll well over the ‘much anticipated change of owner.’ The transfer deadline is in less than 9 weeks.

      June 2, 2019
  4. SLC Addick #

    Completely off topic but at 93 mins my wife was telling me I just had to leave for my son’s high school graduation ceremony and I couldn’t wait a moment longer. I thought I was going to miss extra time and penalties! And then it happened and I left and watched it all over again on the ESPN app in the evening. Just spent the late 4 days in Chicago – I love this town! Keep up the wonderful coverage.

    June 3, 2019
    • Thank you SLC. Great time of year to be in Chicago as well.

      June 4, 2019
  5. Shadow Play #

    I too have watched the goals until they have become etched on my retinas. The winning goal from the moment Williams twice points goalwards…The positivity in the play and desire to win came through in the end.

    Other than Fosu, there are no major surprises in the players departing/retained. We simply cannot afford Jonny Williams and it seems CP were paying part of his wages, but the door appears to be ajar if he can’t reach a deal elsewhere. Vetokele was rumoured to be on £7.5K a week and we can’t afford that for a player who has missed half the season with injuries. Good luck to him and the others – they all played a part here and there in a fabulous season and having this last year on their footballing CVs won’t do them any harm. From here we always needed a fair amount of new blood and against a tight budget the management team have cut the wood back as far as possible to allow them to get the right players in. Last year Lyle Taylor joined and the boat was pushed out a bit to get him in and I presume they are giving themselves a lot of flexibility. Back to Fosu, he’s an enigma, but there’s a player in there and Bow has worked well with other midfielders. He’ll need to be more consistent from here though.

    June 4, 2019

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