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The play-offs

I’m sat here trying to juggle commitments, both family and work, watching the price of flight tickets increase the more I search for them, and also wondering if I would even get a ticket for the away games. Then how do I get to Sunderland and Doncaster from Gatwick, which will require over-nighting. Portsmouth and Peterborough would be driveable at least.

That’s all a headache, but then we need a PhD to work out the permutations of who we could play and when.

Yet, that nice chap Louis Mendez, unable to talk to anyone due to a lost voice, has laid it all out on a good old fashioned spreadsheet for us. Photo of it is up there in the left hand corner. Click on it to enlarge.

Sunderland have thrown a spanner in the works due to the 10k and half marathon already winding around near the stadium the weekend of May 10th and 11th, so if they finish 5th the dates are reversed. Something else for Sunderland to worry about hopefully.

Are you still with me? No, me neither. Think I’ll just wait until Saturday night.

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