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Orlando for NYE

My daughter has been in a swim training camp since Thursday in Clermont, which is near Orlando in Florida. It’s pretty full on, but so is she, and the weather has been kind, mostly in the late 20’s °C, which is in direct comparison to Bermuda where the pool deck is freezing. Both the competitive pools here are outside, and winter whilst not properly cold can be very windy and wet.

My swim-Mom other half has been there with her whilst I’ve stayed here tidying up some end of year work bits. However I leave tomorrow to join them for a few days including New Year’s Eve.

We are staying at one of the Universal hotels, which means that we will be pretty much be hanging out there after my daughter’s camp ends on Sunday afternoon.

New Years Eve we are booked into one of the other hotels for kid friendly fun. There will be a boat-load of food of course as well as magic and music and Mickey. Hmmm, my daughter is certainly more excited about staying up until midnight than me.

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