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Bite of the Big Apple

Back from a birthday weekend in New York, which pushed my step counter to record highs. Ask anyone in Bermuda and we don’t walk anywhere here. So it was lovely to walk and walk especially knowing that the option of getting into a yellow taxi would mostly end in frustration as the driver won’t have any idea of where you are wanting to go, and unlikely to understand much English.

Possibly because my best mate is a black cab driver, but few things in life wind me quite up as much as a local taxi driver not having a solitary clue to where they are going.

We crammed a lot into the weekend and I ate more pasta than I have in a long while, mostly because Eataly, which was close to our hotel, was like a huge gnocchi shaped magnet for us. If you are a foodie and haven’t been in an Eataly then you should add it to your bucket list.

We trawled through Central Park and found areas I hadn’t seen before aided by a very good horse and carriage guide. You can’t beat a bit of horse and carriage and my daughter got to ride up top. It was my birthday, but to keep me away from the pub a bit longer, we bowed to our daughter’s wishes and I took my first visit to the Central Park Zoo.

The zoo has been in the park for about 150 years and has among its residents snow leopards, sea lions, a couple of grizzly bears, comedic penguins and two ultra cute red pandas, of which we now own an oversized cuddly one. The pits and enclosures looked a bit on the small side, but the animals appeared content and the zoo looks as if it does the right things.

I finally got my birthday wish and dragged the family to make ice-cream at Cool Mess. A back to basics ice-cream parlour where you make your own ice-cream with your very own machine selecting whatever ingredients you want from a long list.

For the second time in a few weeks I was back on Broadway, this time to see the musical Frozen. I have possibly watched the movie about 1,000 times, mostly as a subliminal bystander, but here despite drooping eye-lids I sat through the entire show mouthing the words to songs that every parent of a young daughter has consigned to memory, like it or not.

The stage adaption was good. Great singing, superb stage sets and good acting even though Ana was a late standby. The only confusion was that adorable strawberry blonde pale-faced young Ana turned in a flash to adorable pretty black older Ana. Diversity working well on Broadway but it confused kids all around me, and they knew the story inside out. Sven was equally loveable, and a mid-sized cuddly version of him joined the red panda in the suitcase.

It’s the beginning of the US Open and Spanish player Fernando Verdasco was staying in our hotel, and I suspect as part of his sponsorship arrangement was hosting a meet and greet in the lobby when we arrived. My daughter, never one to be shy, and the most competitive 8-year old I know, challenged Fernando to a game of table tennis. The table appeared to be no more than part of the PR arrangement, but Fernando and my daughter battled it out for about 20 minutes and the no.30 in the world was both charming and fun. And bloody handsome.

We stayed in the Nomad district, north of Madison Square Park, which is perfectly situated between The shops of touristy Midtown, the attractions of Chelsea Village and the eminently walkable Greenwich Village.

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  1. Nigel Reddick #

    Glad you enjoyed your trip CA – I suspect you have done many of the touristy bits on many occasions! We went there for the first time last October – couldn’t get over how much like London it was. Globalisation has a lot to answer for. Best day was a Giants game – we loved it although I know they had an awful season. Hopefully Beckham’s return will give them a better season. Stayed there for a week and really enjoyed the experience, even though I was cream crackered!

    August 28, 2018

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