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We’re on our way

My brother and I have just got off the phone, we have worked out the visa system and have looked into hotels and flights. Problem is I’m talking about the Final, he is talking about the Semi, and to do that I have to seriously ditch some long planned work stuff this week. We will see.

Today’s game was as I had hoped more straight forward than the Colombia game, and was like watching a Premier League match at times. We always looked better, and should have long put the game to bed, Sterling culpable but he was a constant handful for the Swedish defence.

We dominated after Alli’s second, and we all could afford to relax in the boozer I was in, with the place bursting into ‘It’s Coming Home’ at regular intervals.

I’m loving the back three and Jordan Pickford, but I worry that France and Belgium will waltz through our defence. Despite our dominance Pickford still had to make three excellent saves.

Still, that’s for another day. Croatia await, technically a lot better than Russia, but they found some cracks. Russia may have been easier in paper, but we’d also be playing a nation. England fans can make a lot of noise on Wednesday to level the playing field in a game that again could resemble a Premier League tie.

I found myself in New York this morning. As you do. I had to re-book some flights to make sure I could see the whole game as I was meant to be here later. Off into the Big Apple evening now to celebrate.

What a great day to be an Englishman in New York. It is coming home.

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  1. Shadow Play #

    You have to be in it to win it…and we are still in there. Croatia have had two hard, emotionally draining matches in a week, extra time then pens and if this were say an ordinary prem league match you’d be lumping on England to win based on that alone. Croatia had players dropping like flies with cramp at the end. But this is a WC semi final and some of those players know that this is their last chance so it’ll come down to who takes their chances, who wants it a bit more and who holds their nerve. As for England a fantastic team performance everyone pulled together but there are some things I’d want to see improving – the defence has been excellent in places but they’ve stood off their markers a bit and too often let them get shots/headers in. They need to mark a bit tighter then if headers/shots go in they won’t be as accurate or have as much force in them. Ashley Young at wing half is excellent going forward and pings in some accurate crosses and had an assist but defensively he’s loose – Berg’s header (I think it was him) that Pickford made that great save from came because he wasn’t marking him well enough. Then we have Sterling, excellent at running between the lines and he twice got between the centre backs but he was rubbish in front of goal – he has to take these chances, no excuses. We can make the final and I think we will but these little details will hurt us against good teams.

    July 9, 2018

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