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Auf Weidersehen Pet

Is it safe to come out behind the sofa yet? Is the ref playing until the Germans score three?

How an earth did that happen? The mental fortitude of the Germans finally exploding into a million pieces, that 95th minute Kroos goal against Sweden on Saturday meaning nothing as South Korea gloriously beat the four-times winners 2-0 today to send Joachim Low and his haircut home. That 2nd goal with Manuel Neuer out on the left-wing will cheer me from miserable days for a long, long time.

Another incredible day at the World Cup. I honestly can’t take my eyes off it. The World Champions, Confederations Cup Champions, FIFA’s number one ranked team who won all 10 of their qualifying matches dumped out of the tournament in the 1st Round for the first time since 1934 by South Korea, as Sweden hammered a much fancied Mexico and move on with two wins and a very unfortunate defeat to Germany on their record.

Argentina, France, Spain, Portugal each uncertain so far. Brazil questionable. Croatia, Sweden, Uruguay, Belgium all looking much more worthy potential winners.

Ah, Belgium, and tomorrow 3pm here, perfect afternoon wine time. The bottom half of the draw where the 2nd Group G nation will join looks, on paper, a better road to the final, but hey when an earth did we start plotting a way to the final? Of anything? Like we do that at Charlton. Oh if we beat Crewe, we may avoid blah, blah.

No expectations, beat who is put in front of you, you can’t win the World Cup by avoiding the world’s best. Come on England, and yes, yes Gary..

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