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Not typical

For some reason I didn’t feel the typical England malaise during the 2nd half last night. I don’t know about you but I felt more attached to this team. There is a spirit and a bond that was rarely apparent during the golden generation, and I felt more forgiving when they lost their way a little in the 2nd half as the Tunisians clung onto their dubious equalizer.

VAR was not our friend last night, and although generally I welcome it the argy bargy tussles in the box between defenders and strikers is one that even VAR and it’s 26 camera angles will probably never agree on in a split second. The wrestling of Kane to the ground twice was more obviously a foul than Walker’s on Ben Youssef.

We started like a house on fire and should have been ahead before Kane scored following a dramatic save from Stones’ header. We paid for missed opportunities but in that first half we were excellent.

The game, like many before, looked like getting away from us, but we thoroughly deserved the late winner, and I was punching the air like a Charlton goal when it came. Credit to the young players and Southgate. I thought Trippier was excellent and Kane came of age last night.

So far over these first few cracking days bigger footballing egos than us have shown how tricky it is to win the first game, so we have to be pleased with that start.

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