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Gap in the diary

Travelling to one of my favourite places on the planet this afternoon. Chicago. A place I truly miss everyday, well apart from those -17 celsius kind of days..

Tomorrow I will spend the day working, and Tuesday I have to sit a work exam in the morning but that night I have a ticket to see U2, which was the premise of me making my way to the Windy City in the first place. I will go with a mate to the United Center, the same mate that accompanied me just a little over 13 years ago.

Wednesday night I will fly to London and although I had other things to do, work and personal, I do now have a hole in my diary for Sunday.. yep, don’t blame me please..

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  1. Steve #

    Chicago is a great town, for me, second only to San Francisco.

    Got a gap to mate, usually head to Cornwall half term but this year with GCSEs and A levels decided to stay at home – was convinced would be having a day out down th me road Sunday but hey hoy – and Rotherham too we’d have done ‘em

    Trying to convince myself it’s a blessing in disguise

    Enjoy U2 jealous

    May 20, 2018
    • I’d have it first of course 😉

      Yeah, not even sure I can bring myself to watch the game. Enjoy your week Steve.

      May 20, 2018

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