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Meire at Massives

It’s always amazed me how washed up managers get recycled at football clubs, with bright successful managers being overlooked time and again. Players are signed on the back of a VHS video and due diligence and the fit and proper test has as much depth to it as a paddling pool.

Seriously is today April 1st, not January 1st? Katrien Meire has been appointed CEO of Sheffield Wednesday.

She said somewhat humourously, to Addicks anyway: “This is a massive challenge at a massive club and I am looking forward to beginning this journey.”

A journey that will take the Massives on a downward projectory through lies, deceit, incompetence and mismanagement. Her first job is to find a new manager, 28 of whom she is interviewing in the morning.

Dejphon Chansiri. Do you need a lie down?

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