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Charlton Athletic 1 Blackpool 1

Groundhog Day..

Missed chances, unable to defend crosses, loads of possession, more injuries, threadbare squad with kids not ready playing, Marshall and Reeves not doing it, Robinson’s excuses.

But there’s always the transfer window..

I like Robinson, I’ve said that before, but I wish he would stop making excuses and moaning about the referees and spend time putting in place a plan B. We must be one of the simpliest sides to work out and neutralize in the division. Robinson has watched us struggle for weeks, and yes players are falling like flies, but he has to prove himself now. And what he’s waiting for in January only Lord knows. Konsa sold and a few loanes from Carl Zeiss Jena I suspect.

The 2nd half sounded turgid, and this season will become another lost opportunity. Wigan may as well be given the title now, and Blackburn will awkwardly sneak 2nd being chased all the way by the might of Shrewsbury. This is a piss poor division and we are part of it. How are we still 6th?

Positives. Well Aribo was pretty good by all accounts and his goal was Diego-esque. Maradona not Poyet. Djiksteel had more good reviews and of course Jacko played like his life depended on it.

No more than 7,000 Addicks in the stadium. Just sell the club.

Quote: “And then all of the sudden the referee wants to give them [Blackpool] everything single free-kick in the second half.”
Addick Bloggers: Chris Powell’s Flat Cap.
Photo: Paul Edwards

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  1. I went today, and Charlton played a good first half, and we should have been two or three up at the break. Charlton’s defensive frailties were clear though, even though Blackpool did not seem as good as some of the teams we have seen at the Valley recently. Leon Best played reasonably well but missed at least two great chances.

    The second half was disappointing, with few chances created by either side. Some quite good performances by some players overall such as Dijksteel, Aribo, Konsa, Sarr, and DaSilva, but the back five not strong enough or big enough and seemed to wilt under the high ball/ crosses into the box towards the end. Marshall, Reeves, Ahearne-Grant again not doing enough.

    I like Robinson, but he seems to not anticipate or outwit other team’s changes in approach, and maybe needs some more coaching support on the team? Given the injury list, we desperately need fresh players in January.

    December 23, 2017
    • Thanks Colin. Marshall and Reeves have been a real disappointment.

      I have seen others ask for some more experienced coaching staff. Both Bowyer and JJ are learning and possibly the 3 of them need some fresh ideas/help?

      December 24, 2017
  2. Steve #

    I think he’s trying to flog it CA by all accounts but the queue ain’t very long

    You’ve got three honest guys trying to do a job and I personally wouldn’t blame one of them with the resources they have

    The reason we’re 6th – have a butchers at our numerous set pieces – every one hits the first man, every one results in us defending a counter – young or old you’ve gotta do better than that

    At times you could hear a pin drop – do we honestly think we’ll be packed to the rafters with a bunch of Aussie chancers at the helm? Hope so but believe it when I see it

    Never mind – Merry Christmas Addicks

    December 23, 2017
    • Merry Christmas Steve. I think we have lost 5,000 fans simple as that. The home Pompey attendance showed that. Most of them won’t be back anytime soon even under new ownership.

      December 24, 2017
  3. Yes Very truthful comments indeed

    December 23, 2017

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