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A whole new eleven

That’s what Karl Robinson said on Saturday for tonight’s Carabao‎ Cup game down in Exeter. By the way I thought a Carabao was a water buffalo, but in fact a Carabao‎ is a Thai energy drink. Who knew.

Anyway a whole different eleven is not easy to do, and only two will travel that were involved on Saturday, but I will have a try before Karl does his video nasty in an hour or so.

Dijksteel, Konsa, Sarr, Barnes
Ahearne-Grant, Crofts, Aribo, Kennedy

I would expect young keeper Maynard-Brewer to be on the bench with Charles-Cook and Hackett-Fairchild to give it a look of a Mayfair law firm!

Jacko will travel I am sure and perhaps the other will be someone like Bauer to add a bit of solidity if needed late in the game. Eyes will be on Tony Watt after his disappointing sub appearance on Saturday and those at St James’ Park will be keen to cast an eye over the back two of Konsa and Sarr for differing reasons.

Wholesale changes or not, it will be nice to get through the 1st Round for the first time in 3 years.

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