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Surrogate homes

A week back in a combination of East Sussex, Chislehurst and London Town, all now surrogate homes to me, and now I’m back to reality, if Bermuda is actually reality, with an imminent general election which the media is full off. It’s the week after next and if I can bring myself to, I’ll put a few words together on it soon.

I do a lot of travelling but generally as a rule I don’t like being away for as long as a week on my own, and I was ready to get out of dodge yesterday. As is usual I did a lot of running around, and caught up with a lot of people including old mates on Friday for 50th birthday celebrations. That was a long but funny day. 

The weekend I spent with my son, and with him being a bit of a country boy, unlike his father, I always try to get him into town and show him around a bit. On Saturday we had a thorough walk around Soho and all of it’s narrow and curious streets. I have always loved roads such as Greek Street and Berwick Street and we spent an age in Liberty. We avoided spending a fortune but it is such a great place to browse. We then had a very nice lunch at Berners Tavern across Oxford Street. Their pork pie (photo) is possibly the most fancy you’ll ever likely to encounter.

Then this week I was in town catching up with workie people and some old muckers, which resulted in a much later night than Monday’s should ever be and a Tuesday afternoon with one of my best mates that had more red wine in it than was appropriate.

On Tuesday morning I droppped in on my son who is doing a week’s work experience, which I had set up for him, as he ponders the question a lot of A level students have – university of a work apprenticeship?

Now this was eye opening seeing my son in a very different environment, and there he was smart, very sanguine, and charming to all of those around him. Made me proud.

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