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New CAFC official website

Began life today. Click here to see it if you haven’t already.

It’s early days of course, and news is limited in July, although late this evening the club posted confirmation that Lee Bowyer will be Assistant Manager and as expected Johnnie Jackson will take up the role as First Team Player/Coach. (more)

On first view the OS is an improvement, cleaner and efficient, no more, no less. It is simple and not snazzy, but moreover I’m pleased for the Comms team who now have the ability to control content, design and reliability and hopefully make it more fan friendly. Certainly the Twitter page run by the Comms team is excellent. Hopefully the old generic, ad-ridden site has been buried forever.

I would expect over the coming pre-season weeks to see more content and finess. Although it is nice already to see more on the history of the club and the inclusion of the women’s team and more for kids. Also for the first time we get more on the club’s new paid premium service Valley Pass. I for one will be looking with interest over the next two weeks to see if it is worth the £60.

Sadly for me and other overseas Addicks the club is one of a couple of handfuls that haven’t signed up to EFL’s I Follow service, which plans on streaming live every EFL game that is not being televised. That would have been huge for me, with the caveat that we are actually decent next season, and the family can get used to me going missing every Saturday for a couple of hours. But, anyways for some unknown reason Meire et al decided against joining up!


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