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Duchatelet close to selling?

The Duchatelet to sell rumour mill has been amped up around SE7 the last few days and at yesterday’s game it was a topic that appeared to carry a lot more water than just plain wishful thinking amongst Addicks. Katrien Meire was also absent yesterday but that is thought to be a coincidence.

Post match both Rick Everitt and Rich Cawley tweeted that there is strong takeover talk, wth Chinese money thought to be in the mix and on that note I want to direct you to Wyn’s Blog for some really good insight into Chinese football ownership.

First things first before we get over excited. The game is littered with bad owners it should be a football league condition that any sale passes a detailed due diligence test and any prospective owner is thoroughly scrutinized.

Whether Duchatelet has lowered his target price or he is finally getting worn down by the protests or he has woken to the realization that under his guidance he has rocketed Charlton towards a League One relegation contender are unclear. Nonetheless three years of absolute mismanagement have left the club and it’s prospects a skeleton of what they were when he took over.

Whatever the facts hopes have risen in the last few days that we will finally rid ourselves of the Belgium on the third anniversary of the fateful sacking of Chris Powell.

Meire has been busy this week sticking her nose into the x years old fan organized Player of the Year award. After Meire attempted to take the event over, she then insisted that long time organizer and fan Jean Huelin was not wanted as part of the event. Subsequently the POTY dinner has been cancelled.

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  1. john cook #

    I will only come back if he sells.

    March 12, 2017
  2. Chris #

    Interesting……Who was in the helicopter I saw landing at the training ground last week wonder ?

    March 13, 2017
  3. Chris #

    Maybe its for “I’m a celebrity…get Roland out of here !!!!!”

    March 13, 2017
  4. a2c #

    Stay away then, we’re better off withahrt exenophobes dahn our gaff.

    March 13, 2017
    • A2C, you think that Jean Huelin – who is the current holder of the “fan of the year award”, who tends to the memorial garden and arranges the player of the year events, is xenophobic?!?!

      What a disgraceful thing to insinuate.

      March 13, 2017
  5. You’d think it would be a prerequisite for the FA to thoroughly scrutinise any potential owner of a football club, particular their motives for wanting to buy? Though how they would be able to satisfy themselves that the motives were honourable, is another question.

    The fact that clearly, they don’t, is perhaps one of the reasons we’re in the mess we are.

    Along with the dubiousness of the Slater/Jiminez management and they and Richard Murrays comment that we’re now in good hands when handing over to Duchalet, rather “we can’t wait to get this off our hands,regardless”!

    March 13, 2017

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