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Body in Sixfields, mind & spirit in Belgium

After much deliberation my brother, my son and I will be at Sixfields this afternoon. My surgeon would not have been hp with me making a drive to St-Truiden so I called the club and bought three of the last available tickets.

Don’t get me started on my two hour drive to The Valley yesterday only to get to the Superstore and be told they had lost my tickets. Gone missing from the ticket office all the way around the corner to the store. Customer service at it’s best! So we now need to pick them up from Sixfields, which you and I know has ‘problem’ written all over it….

The only saving grace was Dave was at home and he makes a cracking cup of tea and brought me up to speed on the Belgium plans. He also reminded me, as if a plant sent by my surgeon, that I needed my head testing flying from Bermuda to go and watch them play. Fortunately I didn’t have my head operated on!

It might get awkward for Robinson and the players today. The majority of supporters there would probably rather be in Belgium, all things being equal, and although I would expect nothing other than a ‘back the team’ mantra, the manager and those players fortunate enough to have our badge on their shirt, as Robinson would laud, owe us a performance.

A relegation dogfight is a real possibility and those below us including Northampton, will be looking to drag an unexpected victim into it. Especially one that does not have the heart for it, and are at odds with each other.

Robinson will no doubt make changes again, although the random throwing of his dice in recent weeks has not changed a pattern of poor performances. Now he has the added issues of him publicly telling the squad that 40% of them aren’t bothered.

A big day in the history of our football club. Our club, which we will take back. Roland old fruit – you took on the wrong fans.

The very best of luck to those few hundred heroes going to St-Truiden that will gather in the Grote Markt (photo) later. I will see some of you others in Northampton. Just after I’ve finished these eggs on toast….

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  1. Chris #

    ” He (Karl) is NOT the messiah…..he’s a very naughty boy !!!”

    March 5, 2017

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