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Shrewsbury Town 4 Charlton Athletic 3

February. The month when all those teams above us would shudder at the thought of us storming past them. 7 games later, cup finals Andrew Crofts called them, we won just 3 points from 21 available and lost 3 games in the past week to Oxford, Bury and Shrewsbury.

I’ve been avoiding pinning the blame on Robinson because I find it hard to expect any manager to succeed under the framework that Duchatelet and Meire have put in place, another pitiful transfer window for example. But, honestly how bad can Robinson be? What possessed him to play Jackson at left back, with Botaka protecting him. How bad is Dasilva and why is he even here? Byrne at right back. Why?

When Robinson was sacked by MK Dons he was heading for a second consecutive relegation. When he left MK they were 19th. When he joined us we were 2 points from the play-0ff’s and MK under Richie Barker had not improved and were 2 points above relegation. We are now below MK and falling like a stone.

We need stability but Robinson can forget about next season, and needs to keep us safe because have no doubt Duchatelet’s Charlton are in a relegation battle and face staring the countries 4th tier in the face for the first time in it’s history.

What a mess.

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Dead man walking: “Some of these people don’t deserve to wear a Charlton Athletic shirt.”

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  1. redreubs #

    As I said in earlier post. Taxi for Robinson. The guy is clueless and it is reflected how he lines his teams up. He has to go now. One must ask yourself is he part of a master plan by the North Korean Board of management at cafc. To run the club in to the ground and sell the ground and land off.

    March 1, 2017
  2. Chris #

    As I’ve said on his appointment …”Hes NOT the Messiah,,,,,,Hes a very naughty boy !!!”

    March 2, 2017

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