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After an excellent week in California I flew back today to Miami, where the family will meet me tomorrow for half-term.

So, I have a night on my own in Miami, and after checking out the DJ line ups in South Beach, I have made the executive decision to not leave my bed, and after 5 hotels in 6 days, it is a treat to not have to be running out of the door. My night is set, I have wine and I will watch the Chicago Cubs hopefully secure a World Series spot for the first time since 1945.

Other than a visit to Anaheim and Napa Valley, the bulk of my week in California was spent in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and it reminded me of how utterly different those two cities are. LA is an urban sprawl with isolated neighborhoods separated by freeways and San Francisco is a compact, walkable and coherent oasis. Both are worth a visit but they have so little in common.

Our behind the stage tour of Disneyland was awesome, and it was crazy how busy it was. 15,000 people alone going to the park on the evening for the Halloween party, which is three times a week, and almost everyone of all ages dressed up which scared me in more ways than one (photo).

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  1. ken shabby #

    Hi mate.
    Same as. Just got back to London yesterday after a week in Cali. It’s quite nice that there are a few yanks over here due to the NFL match at Twickenham between the Rams and the Giants, so part of the holiday continues an extra day.
    Hired a car and drove to Vegas. Loved Disneyland, but due to them doing the Halloween party, we got kicked out at 6, as the tickets sold out months before. Left a bit of a sour taste in the mouth after a great day. Mind you, aren’t the Americans into their halloween. My kids are hoping to bring some of that back to Spain as a souvenir.
    Now I have Mrs Shabby conspiring with my daughters to go back next year.
    Ken Shabby

    October 24, 2016
    • Hi Ken, did you know they get another 15,000 visitors at 6pm for the Halloween party. Quite a brand. Are the day passes cheaper on those days? I doubt it.

      American adults and Halloween is a sight to be seen isn’t it?

      Do you live in Spain?

      October 25, 2016
      • Neil Holliday #

        Yea, been living near Barcelona for over 20 years now. It was wierd seeing a country so fired up for Halloween. I’ve always been a bit grouchy about trick or treat in the UK – it’s not our tradition. But my daughters have come back determined to mount some sort of orange and black extravaganza on the back of the California experience. The older one also wants to move to the states – so much for my dream of her going to live in South East London. Maybe if Katrien could mount a Halloween party behind the west stand 😉
        ken shabby

        October 26, 2016

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