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Walsall 1 Charlton Athletic 2

Today was back in the old days what Addicks’ fans would call a ‘nice little away win.’ A tough place to go is Walsall, and our win today was the first one from a visiting team there since March.

Great to see Nicky Ajose get on the target. Both goals bundled in, the second more than the first, but he was there right place, right time and how well did Magennis do for that second one. The Irishman looks an astute signing.

Slade went unchanged again and once more managed Holmes time on the pitch. Ricky has been the stand out performer so far, but I’m worried we will over rely on him.

Defensively we look sound and Konsa, if given more games, and not churned over like previous academy players, Gomez aside, will become a very good asset. Rudd by all accounts was impressive today, although could have been at fault for their goal.

Midfield we are still short, but hopefully by the end of the month we can add at least one creative midfielder and keep Lookman. I have to think Texeira will move on.

Lot of Addicks again at today’s game, who by all accounts gave the team terrific support, and, as you would expect, made their anti-regime feelings loud and clear. Interesting that Charlton fans at the game were told by local old bill that anything anti Roland or Katrien had to be removed or covered.

Got to laugh at Meire’s embarrassing effort to control the outward messaging about her ineptness and the regime’s adject failure.

Listen, they ain’t going to change one jot. Because they are unable to, and because under any kind of scrutiny the two of them have absolutely no idea of how to run a football club despite their half-hearted compunctious efforts otherwise. But the fight goes on, and away support will be bigger because fans would rather line the pockets of fellow League One clubs and not  our stay away leader

However in the meantime Russell Slade is slowly bringing some Charlton spirit back, the one that Duchatalet and Meire have tried to kill. Thank you Russell.

Addick Bloggers at Banks’ Stadium:

Slade says: “Nicky is a predator in that six-yard box. If a defender misses the ball inside the box then you can be sure that Nicky Ajose will be there to tap it in. That’s how he plays and gets his goals.”

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  1. Another win and this time away. It don’t matter how we score scrappy, clean they all count. I’m very concerned though in how you can justify 700 plus support away as Big. Away support of course has the desired effect and should be encouraged. But really we are talking none league average here which is hardly enough to boost any clubs bank account.

    Our stay away supporters at the Valley may have won the battle against the owner and reduced the ground capacity to an all time record low for over twenty years, but in the bigger picture of things are they really hurting him.

    I have supported Charlton for over 50 years and in that time have seen many changes. There isn’t anything new in showing displeasure against an owner. All those who are supporters as long I, will recall some very bad times that are not a patch on what is happening now.

    Roland might be seen as a outright distroyer of Charlton, but the difference between him and passed owners are uncomparable. I’m not a fan of the thinking behind the man, but even the most stubbornly of present and past supporter must see by now he ain’t going anywhere soon.

    The club needs supporters that goes without saying. Russell Slade and his players are aware the emptiness of the Stadium is a direct result of action by supporters against the regime for years of inapt performances, but now our supporters need to think, is this really helping to push the Addicks back up the ladder to success.

    The lads are bringing back in the early stages of this season what we had with Chris Powell, let’s not let hate come between what we all want, the Addicks to achieve a return to the Championship. But we need to support them at home as well.

    August 21, 2016
    • Jh #

      It’s the quality rather than the quantity of the support that is important. I’d be delighted if those few hundred dementors with their beach balls and smoke bombs stayed away. The atmosphere at the valley on Tuesday was so much better without them.
      I’m sure without the toxic atmosphere performances and crowd size will improve and the club will become a more enticing prospect for the benevolent billionaire takeover that everyone is hoping for!

      August 21, 2016
  2. Fair points Grumpy. Life under the Glicksteins and the two notorious Spivs was never a bundle of roses.
    RD has at least directed money towards sprucing up the Valley, the playing surface and the training ground. You could argue that this is maybe a means of enhancing the value and attractiveness of a takeover that he would net him a reasonable return on any sale.
    With big overseas investors like the Chinese and the Yanks showing increased interest in UK clubs you could equally argue that the likes of the Glicksteins operated in a world when that wasn’t the case and the riches of the over abundant Premiership did not exist, so any investment was seen as infinitely more risky.
    My view without any direct knowledge of RD and what drives the man has always been that prolonged demonstration and actions of the type currently promoted were likely to make him more stubborn and belligerent and it seems we share that view. RD is not the kind of guy who would want to sell the club at a give away price ( he doesn’t seem to need the money that desperately) A successful club on the pitch attracting reasonable crowds is more likely to enhance the appeal to prospective buyers with big budgets which could ultimately encourage him to take the money and move on.
    Yes we need to support the side, get behind the team and push up towards the top of the division. The alternative of disintegrating gates and team performance is a short cut to relegation and obscurity.

    August 21, 2016
  3. Well the owner and his C.E.O have made it abundantly clear what they wish to do with the Club, especially Academy players, I am somewhat surprised with some of the comments above, I do not fancy spending hard earned money to watch talent of the future being sold off to line the Chairmans pockets, when he has no intention of wanting the club in the Premier.

    The excitement of being a fan is the dream of some day your club being in the Premier with the big teams, none of us can say we, as a club have that dream when both the Owner and CEO have made clear their intentions.

    I for one, WILL NOT stop protesting until this ruinous pair have left OUR club, and until we as fans can once again look forward to a happier future for the fans and club.

    August 21, 2016
  4. LP #

    But Jh – some of us were there! How little you know, how little you understand. If you really think it is enjoyable trying to get rid of this man and that stupid, stupid woman think again. If you bothered to find out anything you would know that the demonstrations are not going on inside the ground this season – not yet anyway. Everyone wants to support this team – me included – but these people have to get out of our club before they destroy it completely. I will come to games (possibly not as many as I would have done) but I am not renewing my season ticket. I don’t believe we can hurt this man financially – we can’t hurt him full stop, because he doesn’t care, but morally I cannot support anyone who uses constructive dismissal to get rid of people and who lets someone stay in charge who is completely inept. Sack her Roly and you may get some people wavering.

    August 21, 2016

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