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The first pangs of a new season

I’m liking the cut of Russell Slade’s jib. He says it straight, and talks with authority and honesty. He’s got a little twinkle in his eye too. That can be quite infectious.

I said a while back that if they could bring Jason Pearce into the club, then that would say a lot about Slade’s influence and ability to manage our inadequate CEO, and to get what he wants and or was promised. Pearce joined yesterday and for me is the signing of the summer. Pearce is a winner, vocal and not stupid. He has also been team captain wherever he has played and I suspect he will be for us with Jacko remaining club captain.

Judging by the squad numbers announced belatedly today Jorge Teixeira will be gone soon enough, but if we can get Bauer fit then he and Pearce would make a very fine pairing. However he is not fit and nor is Harry Lennon and the age old Duchatelet disease of small squad syndrome sprinkled with kids still should greatly concern us. Roger Johnson I expect will swear his way around Gigg Lane tomorrow. One step forward, two back.

And whilst on that subject, we sign Pearce but then today sell Callum Harriott. Now, again his departure is no surprise, but that leaves us woefully short offensively, particularly with creative players. Ajose and Lookman will be hoping someone can find them with a pass tomorrow.

Harriott had been at Charlton since he was 8, and often frustrated and I thought that the club’s relegation would mean he would find his true level. But Reading think otherwise and good luck to him.

Slade did add Kevin Foley on a contract to January, in what was a busy day at Sparrows Lane. I question why that deal took so long, but Slade told us that he wanted the right players, so I assume Foley will do a job, or pad the bench out if nothing else. Foley does add experience and we should welcome the ex-Wolves man.

Slade talked about four more players yesterday, which by my fingers is another two, but I wonder if the manager’s calculator subtracts the players that are sold. We will find out but Ajose, Holmes, Novak, Rudd and Pearce are all positive additions and should encourage us to get behind Slade and his players, even though the malady of Meire and Duchatelet remain.

Maybe only yesterday I felt the first pangs of a new season. Pearce’s signing bringing me out of a sweaty summer stupor, helped or hindered, I can’t work out which, by the fact that I finally added the fixtures to my calendar.

There should be 1,000 Addicks at Bury tomorrow, proof that this club, our club, is hard to shake. I will be at Bermuda’s airport for the season’s kick off, leaving for Miami. Come on you reds!

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  1. Tone #

    I wonder if Teixiera asked to be number 50 as that’s what he wore last season?? I agree though that he probably will be sold.

    August 5, 2016
  2. LP #

    Slightly disturbed by RS’s description of the state of the club on his arrival with no date for the players to come back after the summer and (severe) injuries that had not been dealt with properly. With no Head Coach surely this is a certain CEO’s job? How unprofessional can you get? She has to go – she is useless.

    August 6, 2016
    • It was a damning assessment of a failed structure and organization. Slade can only be referring to Meire and Keohane. No one else to blame.

      August 6, 2016
  3. Martin Cowan #

    Today’s performance and result would seem to demonstrate that it doesn’t matter who the Manager is and it doesn’t matter who the players are, until we get rid of KM and RD, we are going to continue on a downward trajectory. Lookman starting off on the bench again suggests RD tinkering in team selection. Roland out!

    August 6, 2016

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