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Ruddy hell

A signing! And a much needed goalkeeper, and an apparent good one at that. It’s hard to deny that I haven’t been impressed with the signing of Holmes, Novak, Ajose or Rudd, who would be a good Championship signing let alone the 3rd Division. A keeper was a priority and Rudd joining on a season long loan was good news yesterday and a sign that although new blood has been very thin on the ground, when a player comes in you feel as if it is a Slade pick and not some no mark brought in by the owner and the liar.

Declan Rudd played in 11 Premier League games last season, has played over 100 games and at 25, is a good age for keeper. What that means however is that Dillon Phillips will in all probability move to Cheltenham, but possibly on a shorter loan deal than Ruddy, and with a recall. In the meantime Dimitar Mitov will sit on the bench.

A keeper doesn’t make a summer though and the squad is still woefully short as Slade said again today. And as he is finding out, this is a much bigger job that he thought it would be and the season hasn’t started yet.

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