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Son down

My son has been with us since last weekend which has meant a lot of time in the sun. Understandably he just wants to be outside and in the water, whereas selfishly this time of year here in Bermuda I just want to hide under an air-conditioning unit inside. 100% humidity is no fun, and although the temperature rarely exceeds 29C (85F), the Gulf Stream can bring many winds to this little isle and the summer southern ones bring horrid humidity.

Today to wrap up his latest visit we rented hydro bikes. It was fun biking across the shallow waters of Daniels Head. Out there is the hotel Cambridge Beaches, Daniels Island plus what is left of the 9 Beaches resort, which although in a state of dilapidation or still eerily charming. The shipwreck HMS Vixen is also within reach and the whole area is a haven for turtles and fish. The bikes were a lot of fun and quite a little work out.

One place we all tried for the first time was the new Hamilton Princess Beach Club (photo), which is only around the corner from us. The Green family have completely renovated the 130-year old Hamilton landmark and it is unrecognisable from the over-priced, outdated pink elephant that charged 5 star prices for 2 star quality just a year or so ago.

The Hamilton Princess is a city hotel so the Green’s also acquired the previous land that belonged to the Pompano Beach Hotel on Bermuda’s south shore and in their own inimitable style have built a simple but beautiful Beach Club on the land. We all had dinner there last night with the beach as a backdrop and the fantastic Big Chill as the backing soundtrack. Very nice indeed.

We fly back to Gatwick tonight and will spend a couple of days with parents down in East Sussex where I believe the weather has been equally as hot.

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  1. Thanks for the catch up on the Hotels very useful for us that are “addickted” to Travel and so we can pass on the information to our clients. We tend to use Prestige or Classic Collection Holidays when recommending Bermuda

    July 24, 2016
  2. Wyn Grant #

    It’s cooling down here. I really must come to Bermuda, but not in the summer. Is the spring a good time?

    July 24, 2016

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