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A taste for more

“What is your favourite city” my son asked as we both looked out of a Shard window 33 floors up (photo). A bit of loaded question that, although since I was old enough to explore London on a 36 bus from the bottom of Sandhurst Road in Catford I have always given the same answer.

My Kent-country-living son is a lot less travelled than I was when I was 16, but Saturday with no football was the ideal opportunity to open his curious eyes. Admittedly my Dad and I were never fortunate enough to be in the position to blag ourselves into a posh restaurant with no reservation and a pair of trainers and jeans on, and all the same you’d normally have found us in The Valley Club on a Saturday afternoon.

The Shard is not an easy place to get into, unless you want to part with £30 to go to the viewing gallery. That is as steep as the view, but lunch would have been a nice alternative, but after ringing around each of The Shard’s restaurants the day before I was told they were all fully booked.

Anyway, knowing that restaurants of a certain ilk always keep a couple of seats spare in case Leonardo DiCarpio walks in off the street, probably dressed in trainers and jeans, we chanced our arm, managed to blag our way past three lines of security guards or door attendants, whatever their uniforms allowed them to do, and sure enough we were proffered a couple of seats that came with a glorious view of the world’s greatest city and lunch was superb at Oblix. My son loved it, and hopefully his knowledge of London’s skyline is now better.

One of my favourite London haunts is Borough Market, which is where we headed after The Shard. This atmospheric cornucopia of food smells and tastes is brilliant and he and I loved walking around the market that is said to have originated over 1,000 years ago.

We carried our London expedition along the Thames and had a nose around Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre where we caught a happy wedding crowd, we watched the Millennium Bridge not wobbling and then ducked into the cavernous Tate Modern where we stared often puzzled at the array of artwork. The space here is incredible and we easily lost 90 minutes walking and studying the Tate’s incredible walls of art.

That was it for a day that would normally have been spent watching Charlton, a pursuit that has given both of us many joint memories, but Saturday’s little excursion was also very enduring and reminded me of London’s allure and gave my son a taste, literally, for more.

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  1. redvalley9 #

    Ah the old 36 bus, remember it well! I lived off the top of Sandhust Road past the library at Torridon Road.

    Sent from my iPhone


    March 15, 2016
  2. charltonafc #

    The 36 bus took you to New Cross gate and the Den but the 75 took you to Charlton. I went to school in Sandhurst and Brownhill Road, Catford and lived just down the road in Glenfarg Road. Great Blog

    March 15, 2016
    • Thank you. We were just around the corner from you. Into the Sandhurst parade sweet shop, bag of pick n mix for 10p and then a nice slow ride to Hyde Park Corner.

      March 16, 2016
  3. Marco #

    “Restaurants of a certain ilk……”
    Is that a nod to our ‘special’ friend who leaves the same comment *every* time?

    March 15, 2016
    • c2a #

      ere, wot about the restauarnts dahn ourn gaff?

      March 15, 2016
      • Tut-tut c2a, can’t you spell? ABHART not about.

        March 15, 2016
      • Sorry for the typo c2a, I of course meant ABAHRT.

        March 16, 2016
  4. nice!:)

    March 15, 2016
  5. Another of London’s gastronomic gems CA is a place called Gaby’s Deli in Tottenham Court Road (essentially middle-eastern food and the best vegetarian salads anywhere). It was established by an Iraqi Jew in the 1960’s I think. It’s next to Wyndhams Theatre and is frequented by many famous thespian types. It’s not sophisticated but the prices reflect that.

    March 15, 2016

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