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Christmas spirit

Christmas begins in the Chicago Addick family later today when we fly to Atlanta for what has become our little traditional festive jaunt. We base ourselves in Buckhead and will get out to see the awesome Botanical Gardens Christmas Lights and Stone Mountain Park as well as have tea with Santa and his missus. There will also be time for some last minute shopping and this year we have tickets for the Cirque Musica at Phillips Arena.

Not the Cirque du Soleil but another acrobatic travelling big show circus group. Judging from the photograph I am hoping it is not one of those shows where they look for volunteers, and invariably look in my direction!

The weather looks unusually chilly, colder than London, which should only help start the Christmas spirit, which will no doubt be slapped in the face when I hear news from Burnley tomorrow.

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  1. Great. I’m in SOUTH Africa for Xmas. Missing the Addicks though. But still the football is still debatable. What will I return too is on my mind?

    December 19, 2015
    • Try to not think about it Grumps. Have a great Christmas in South Africa.

      December 20, 2015

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