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When Saturday comes

I started a number of Blog posts this week, but after a few sentences I stopped, counted to 20 and closed it down. There are so many things wrong but I don’t know yet if Guy Luzon is one of those things. I watched yesterday’s press conference and felt myself siding with him again. I like some of the things he says, I like his passion, I do, and I am willing to see how tomorrow goes.

With many players back from what was a crucifying injury situation, the excuses for a poor and spiritless performance will be minimal. No. not minimal, zero. But let us see the team he picks, how he prepares them and how motivated and determined the players are.

The result is vital tomorrow but with plenty of the season remaining more importantly we need to see togetherness and fight. My, and it now appears almost every Charlton fan’s grievances with the owner and his CEO can go on the back burner.

As patrons and the emotional guarantors of our football club, we need to confront Duchatelet head on about his mad cap ideas for our club, an unworkable philosophy that he seems intent to impose on us without any communication or co-operation with generations of support.

But for tomorrow it is about supporting those players in red and white and their head coach crouched on the sidelines. When Saturday comes….

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  1. Quite right

    Its the team that matters now & tomorrow.

    Our wonderful owner and his CEO may be referred back to in due course

    Let’s all focus on the job in hand and support the team

    Best wishes


    October 23, 2015
  2. LP #

    Just done the Trust survey prior to their AGM next week as very sadly I won’t be able to go – they seem to pick the school holidays for some reason. I’d really encourage more people to join the Trust and for us to stick together. I keep telling myself these people will not be in charge forever. I know people’s hopes were up after a good start but did we really expect yet another bunch of players who have yet to get to know one another to get us into the premiership? Good grief. We need to stop selling our best youngsters to do that and that is not on RD’s agenda.
    And I always support the team, no matter what.

    October 24, 2015
  3. 100% agree LP. Just renewed my Trust membership yesterday and would implore others to join for just a fiver.

    October 24, 2015
  4. ‘There are so many things wrong’-few would dispute that as a nutshell summary of CAFC at present. Not surprisingly there seem to be fewer and fewer apologists for the owner’s strategy, or at least that part of it that is designed to produce a squad that is capable of being competitive in the championship. It is obvious that the owner has no real interest in CAFC other than it providing an opportunity for him to experiment with a way of running a professional club at a high level with financial prudence. This goal of prudence of course places a huge premium on getting player recruitment right and at present it is the dimension that is most obviously ‘wrong’ and unless the owner addresses that problem quickly then his core aim will remain unachievable. Ms. Meire has professed little or no interest in the history of CAFC and,stupid though she was to say it, I can understand that she might think that it is a somewhat less than glorious past that has little or no bearing on the present or immediate future. However I would respectfully suggest that she should take a good look at the principles that governed player recruitment in the Alan Curbishley era at CAFC and maybe even suggest to the owner that he (Curbishley) be recruited to help in this vital area. Another suggestion to further Ms Meire’s football education with the aim of improving matters at CAFC would be for her to buy herself a ticket to Swansea and spend a day or two studying the recent history of Swansea City. and how they have risen from the football league basement to the Premier league in an extremely financially prudent way and with a great deal of football style. IT CAN BE DONE!

    ps I think it is a matter of record that the owners of Swansea City (most of whom are die-hard supporters) were very inspired by CAFC and in particular the contributions of Charlton supporter led actions during very difficult times..

    October 24, 2015
  5. I apologise for my above post not being entirely consistent with the spirit of CA’s blog as I seem to have attempted to re-open the Owner/CEO wound rather than focusing on the team today. However, I fear that sooner or later (maybe sooner given the 0-1 half-time score from the Valley) the focus will once again be on the deep structural failings.

    October 24, 2015
    • Terry, you had no need to apologise. The first post was a heartfelt plea for change and understanding. I liked it.

      October 24, 2015
  6. a2c #

    Luzon as gawn, less get Curbs back. Come on Kat, e’s the only gaffer dahn our gaff who can turn it rahnd.

    October 24, 2015

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