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Charlton Athletic 0 Preston North End 3

That was disgraceful and it all began with the team selection. Dropping Jackson for Ba is unforgivable. Playing three left backs. Relying on Ahearne-Grant again. Way to ruin the boys career. If a senior player is fit to be on the bench, he is fit to play!

I have backed Luzon because he has been given nothing to work with and I would stick my neck out and proffer he has had very little say in player acquisitions, but have no doubt tonight’s embarrassment lies with Luzon and Luzon only. The players too. Where is the desire? The professionalism? they too are hugely culpable.

Between this merry lot, the mercenary players, the dead-man-walking head coach, the naive CEO and a mute of a mad professor owner, they are killing the very essence of what this club is about.

I pity anyone who went tonight with every plan to give them every encouragement possible. Two minutes and 1-0 down. Ba, who played about half an hour in England before coming to us, badly at fault in the build up that led to the free-kick.

That performance, and I only listened on the radio, was up there with the death knell of Pardew’s reign. Even the normally bias and positive Peter Finch and Terry Smith sounded as if they’d given up.

Luzon has to be accountable for tonight’s performance. Bringing on McAleny at half-time instead of a player who might have more invested in the well being of the club was lamentable.

Of course Ms Meire shouted her mouth off again today, her communication skills really are up there with the Iraqi Minister for Information. What will be her next move? Or is she waiting to find out?

As for Guy Luzon. If he is allowed another chance on Saturday and perhaps an opportunity to find another Chris Eagles or Roger Johnson, who would walk into this team by the way, then he better sort this absolute mess out. Fast.

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Relegation watch: Bottom three now for the Addicks. Bolton lost at home to Birmingham, who are now 2nd. Rotherham drew at home with a credible draw aagainst Reading. Bristol City stay close after losing to a late Bobby Zamora winner for Brighton. Chris Powell’s Huddersfield move to 13th after a 2-0 win over MK Dons. Leeds and Brentford play tomorrow.

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  1. Mark #

    I was there and it was abysmal. This performance wasn’t even that. It wasn’t even an effort. No passion,touch or any tactical ideas. The players didn’t seem to have any clue of what they were meant to be doing.
    The blame must surely lie at luzons door but it’s been coming. The palace excuse followed by the Cardiff loss. Dropping Jackson for this game smacked of some kind of bitterness from luzon because of the crowds favouritism towards him.
    All in all maybe we should all take heed from the managers name. We are no longer Charlton 0 but the Luz is on.

    October 20, 2015
    • Mark, I am very dubious of Luzon’s continuous claims of Jacko’s injuries. And did you see his rallying video before the game? Was so false.

      October 21, 2015
  2. I was quietly optimistic at the beginning of the season,but those dreams were pure fantasies and have now completely turned to dust.

    Seemingly quite unbelievable, but their has to be a much deeper reason fo our poor performances,and that must be that the players have lost confidence in the Holy Triinity of Luzon, Meira,, Duchalet- and so have the supporters!

    It’s obvious that the management have lost control and quickly need to reinstate it it.

    I don’t know if Luzon could be a good manager or not , in the future with another club, but not with us- the opportunity has passed

    Come on Duchalet,commit yourself to this club or let someone else have a go

    The dream is promotion lets keep even if not for this season

    Lost the West


    October 20, 2015
  3. DaarrzzetBum #

    Unfortunately I was there gutless clueless, no shape, tactically inept, I could go on. That was on a par with that woefull Walsall game in the league cup back in the heady premiership days under Mr Reed. Dressing room is obviously split due to players reaction after the game and quite what the big Dane was doing for 5 mins at the end in the centre circle kneeling down is beyond comprehension. One last moan, why bring him on and then not support him, several times he was in their area surrounded by 4 defenders with no red shirt in sight.

    October 20, 2015
  4. Max #

    Whoa, I thought North End had problems, we were bottom briefly, 5 strikers not scoring, recipe for disaster! But they haven’t had any luck, Beckford is injured, Garner has forgot what the back of the net looks like, thank goodness Gallagher is back and Johnson keeps scoring, 8 for the season from midfield! Good luck rest of the season, sounds you need it!

    October 20, 2015
  5. redvalley9 #

    Spot on as usual! If Saturday is as bad fully expect Luzon to be out by Sunday evening.

    Sent from my Ultrafast Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini on Three

    October 21, 2015
  6. Big Pete #

    its looking like another one of “those” seasons, with a net loss of 10 to 15 players over the close season, on what was already a stick thin squad, it was always going to be a struggle with the usual amount of injuries. with the performances and impact he had why Chris eagles wasn’t given a contract this season we will never know, and now we have even missed the boat as he signed for bury yesterday. If we are over budget at the moment, then quite simply, the budget isn’t big enough or some players are on a lot more than they deserve.

    The squad at the moment is so unbalanced its almost laughable: with the best will in the world, Pope is not quite chapionship ready, and could do with another full season at a lower level, with henderson’s injury pre-season a goalkeeper should have been a must; Solly is the only recognised right back, and he’s not going to play every game; we have 2 left backs(bergdich and fox) and a couple of good youngsters; we have two chapionship rookies and a converted defensive midfielder playing centreback, and a handfull of kids who arent really there yet. The midfield is worse: on the left, moussa injured, should never have been signed in the first place, Harriott sent on loan, has been staffed by either central midfielders or leftbacks (and ocassionaly strikers;) on the right, JBG is a star, but unless reza is fit, there realy is no backup; in the middle no one would even loan Ba from sunderland, khashi has been solid, but doesn’t offer much going forward; Captain fantastic is a good influence and a bit of a threat, but his legs aren’t what they used to be; ceballos was signed more on the strength of where he had been than any real ability, and the injury hasn’t helped; Cousins has been a shining light when played in the middle, but too often has he been pushed out wide and not even on the right where he can actually provide width; on top of that there is a bunch of youth players, that are comming along, but are not really there yet. upfront is shambolic, watt and the great dane, seemed to be working well at the start of the season, but Watt seesm to be snatching at chances at the minute and Makienok’s injury has been a big problem; Ahern-Grant is a great talent, and is making the effort, and when he gets in positions is making more of an impact that Watt, but like pope could do with regular game time at a lower level to bring him along; then there is Pigott who just wont make it at this level and a bunch of kids, along with the wage drain that is Tucudean, that even the team that loaned him don’t want.

    With all this Luzon is sticking religiously to a 4-4-2 that doesn’t have the right players, and the holes in the squad are woefully exposed, no-one is showing any leadership, the squad look like they have given up, Katriene is making naieve and unhelpful statements to the wider world, and the Belgian is nowhere to be seen.

    I know money is being spent on the stadium and the training ground, but this will take a few years to come to fruition, and by that time, with the squad as it is, we could be in the confrence. If the aim is to rech the premiership, Dutcatalet needs to realise, to make money you have to spend money. Desperate needs are an influential dependable defender (rueing losing morrison,) a left winger or two (or the return of Harriott), someone to abely fill in for Solly, some creativity in midfield and Someone to deputise for the great dane (rueing the loss of Kermorgant.) and some new ideas in the dugout (not replacing luzon, but bringing him in some help, did someone say Curbs was available as an Advisor?) and some help in the medical department might lessen the worries.

    ok what started out as a response has kinda got larger than the article, so i will leave it there, but unless something is done, it looks like we are heading down not up.

    October 21, 2015
  7. Martin Cowan #

    This is all horribly reminiscent of last season, when reportedly Peeters lost the dressing room. Whatever Luzon did when he first came and we had 5 wins out of 6, he seems to have forgotten it, and it seems we are back where we were before we got rid of Peeters. Given the money these players on, a lack of effort is really not acceptable. How about bringing in a load more kids for Saturday, the Lookman lad seems to know where the goal is ! (God, I sound like Acworth….) I like how the club is using historic results / goals (with the Friday Five) but the decision to bang on about beating Preson 5-2 in 2011 seems a bit embarassing now….

    What kills you is the predictability of it all. I knew we would lose to Palace. As soon as Diarra got sent off on Saturday, it was clear we were going to lose. We needed a good start last night, and then conceded after two minutes. Hard to see what will change against Brenford, who are probably due a good result themselves.

    October 21, 2015
    • Martin Cowan #

      Sorry, Bauer not Diarra…..

      October 21, 2015
    • Martin, this is an exact replica of last season except in fast forward. This past weekend a year ago we had just lost our first game (to Bournemouth). Brentford have now won two on the spin.

      October 21, 2015
  8. a2c #

    Shockin, shockin juss shockin. As Curbs would always say dahn our gaff, we’ve juss got to get on with it. Come back Curbs n get ourn all sor’ed ahrt, please come back.

    October 22, 2015

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