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Charlton Athletic 3 Reading 2

A dreadful first half but a fantastic 2nd half if the commentary was anything to go by, Peter Finch ably assisted in the studio by an articulate Neil Etheridge.

After a disappointing defeat to Blackburn a week ago, that was quite a turnaround with 6 points gathered in the 6 days hence. A trademark Buyens penalty, a less than trademark open play goal from Yoni and then a third from that rip-roaring-goalscoring Welsh wizard. I am taking odds of Churchy appearing in the qualifying rounds of European competition with Standard Liege next season!

Solly limped out before the game started, so close to kick off that we only had 6 subs. Gomez again outstanding wherever he is asked to play. Bulot, Gudmundsson and the Duracell bunny that is Tony Watt all getting complimentary mentions on the radio.

A disappointing crowd, but the next three homes games all have different types of enticement and should see good away turn-outs.

Well played Addicks. And well played to the Charlton Upbeats.

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Elsewhere in The Championship: Millwall somehow blew at 2-0 lead to draw at Brentford. Rotheham were 2-1 up in the 92nd minute but lost 3-2 at home top Sheffield Wednesday. Lawrie Wilson played the whole game. Wigan grabbed a late draw at home to Bolton and Blackpool drew with Leeds. Fulham had a vital win at Huddersfield. Bournemouth are top after beating Middlesbrough 3-0.

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  1. LP #

    So, if I may Chicago – with everything hunky dory on the pitch now, I would like to ask the knowledgeable readers of your blogsite, some of whom seem to have an insight into what goes on behind the scenes at our club, what they think is going to happen over the summer. Who do you, and they, think will still be at the club come August? I am having a sense of deja vu as this time last year I was undecided about renewing my season ticket, and I am definitely at that stage again. You see, I simply can’t trust our owner. If I thought for one minute the current team would be here for another season I wouldn’t have a problem. But can you put your hand on your heart and tell me you know they will be?

    March 22, 2015
  2. STuart Goodman #

    LP, I am a CAFC supporter of longstanding and have renewed all three of my tickets today. Regardless of what the owner does or does not do, I’ll be at the ground next season for all the home matches. Hope there will be more coming to the games now that the team seem to have found a pattern of play and side that complements each other. Yes we need to understand what the owner is up to and what he plans for us however, I think the supporters need to get behind the club in the first place?! Stu G

    March 22, 2015
  3. And that is the million dollar question.

    What we need now is stability. Allow Luzon to build on what he has achieved in a short time, strive to keep our best players and add quality, whether that is network players or outside. A nice mix would be fine.

    However since the end of last season Standard Liege have sold/transferred/loaned 33 players from the club. Yes 33. And they have bought/acquired/loaned 25. That is frankly ridiculous and many of their better players were sold during last summer, giving Luzon a much poorer squad than the one he had the season they ‘won’ the league.

    Duchatelet trades players like kids trade panini stickers.

    We’ll wait and see.

    March 22, 2015
  4. LP #

    Thank you Chicago – at least you understand me. Some people can’t see the noses on the front of their faces. And for all the Luzon-lovers out there – what happens next season when we have a purple patch – which all clubs have? Do you think this man won’t sack him without blinking his eye? Perhaps its irrelevant. I will certainly be supporting the club, particularly if this style of play continues, but not by buying a season ticket. I really hope I am proved wrong but I have great fears about what he will do next. So by the time it becomes clear at the start of next season they will have sold my seat – or not – and that’s a risk I am willing to take rather than realising none of the players I wanted to watch are still with the club. Of course they may have been replaced by better players but we won’t know that by 10 April will we.

    March 23, 2015

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