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Hearts of Palm

Home after a week in Florida, the majority of which was at a crazed work event in South Beach, where having a pee, let alone sleep, was at a premium. I had the two girls with me, so we schlepped it up to Palm Beach on Thursday morning to get a couple of days of family time, and sleep, which was great.

I do like Palm Beach, kind of like Eastbourne, but with high hair and false boobs. The place is dripping in money and a cooler, swankier street than Worth Avenue is hard to find.

Palm Beach is the most eastern situated town in Florida, a barrier island that was once the homestead to some of America’s most iconic families, has spread it’s wings north, south and west. Way beyond it’s boundaries places cling on to the Palm Beach name even though they are nowhere near the 16-mile long coastal town.

We had lunch on separate days at the old school Taboo and then Brick Tops. Both great for people watching, although Taboo I thought was at any moment going to break out the bridge tables, such was the clientele. Brook Shields joined us at Brick Tops, well she was in the same room, and here the food was absolutely top notch.

We stayed about 8 miles south of Palm Beach at the Eau Hotel in Manalapan, which has recently been re envisioned, which is code for a lick of paint and a change in home furnishings. The hotel bar service had not been re envisioned though since our last visit, which I had to spell out to our waitress after I scrubbed out her 18% gratuity for my convenience, much to her dissatisfaction. Me and you both luv.

Anyway it was hardly roughing it, and a good base for Palm Beach and some other fun stuff including the Loggerhead Marinelife Center, at Juno Beach, which we took our daughter to again.

I would recommend to anyone with kids that are in the area to visit this turtle hospital and research centre. It is right on the ocean with a great beach and nature trails and picnic area and playground.

Seven turtles were brought into the care facility just days days before we were there, flown down from the coast of Boston suffering with pneumonia following the recent freezing temperatures off the Massachusetts coast. My daughter loves following the turtle patient’s updates on the Marinelife centre’s website before they are released back into the ocean fit and well.

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