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New head coach bounce

“He’s met the players, he’s had some chats and they are well aware of how he wants to play as well, so we tried that in the first-half.” – Damian Matthew

So Guy Luzon has his work permit, and the Israeli officially becomes the Addicks 24th manager in it’s colourful history.

At the end of the day he will get my support, because wanting the team to be successful is the only way I know. Life and in particular being a Charlton fan is complicated and draining enough without wishing ill of something that has been part of me for 40 years.

When football fans set off for games it is not to support the owner, or the CEO, it is to support a collection of footballers wearing a shirt, representing a club in a community that they have an emotional connection with, and that will be no different on Saturday.

Whether I will invest much loyalty and affection in our latest head coach is debatable because I don’t like the way the club has treated me, as a fan, as a stakeholder, as a sponsor. I don’t think Luzon is the best man for the job, and I expect, lamentably, that Luzon will not be part of my life for any real length of time. Just a feeling.

I will watch and support the club with added scrutiny, but I sure hope that he can bring good things to my football club, and make it better.

Meanwhile head coach bounce hasn’t got quite the same ring to it as new manager bounce, but that is exactly what we have hope that Guy Luzon brings. Immediately.

Whereas it seems every other team wins when they get a new manager, sadly the same can’t be said of soppy old Charlton. Over a period of 45 years we haven’t had much luck with new manager/head coach bounce. On just three occasions did a management team provide the impetus and the inspiration to win their first match in charge – the memorable Chris Powell, the much-loved combination of Steve Gritt & Alan Curbishley and the easily forgettable Ken Craggs. Take a look:

Damian Matthews/Ben Roberts (caretakers) – lost 0-5 away at Watford 2015
Bob Peeters – drew 1-1 away at Brentford 2014
Jose Riga – drew 0-0 home to Huddersfield 2014
Chris Powell – won 2-0 home to Plymouth 2011
Phil Parkinson – lost 1-2 away to QPR 2008
Alan Pardew – drew 2-2 home to Fulham 2006
Les Reed – lost 0-2 away to Reading 2006
Iain Dowie – lost 1-3 away to West Ham 2006
Alan Curbishley – lost 0-1 away to West Brom 1995
Steve Gritt/Alan Curbishley – won 2-1 home to Newcastle 1991
Lennie Lawrence – drew 0-0 away to Shrewsbury 1982
Ken Craggs – won 2-1 away to Leicester City 1982
Alan Mullery – lost 0-3 away to Luton 1981
Mike Bailey – lost 1-2 home to Chelsea 1980
Andy Nelson – drew 2-2 away to Halifax 1974
Les Gore (caretaker) – lost 1-2 away to Port Vale 1974
Theo Foley – drew 1-1 home to QPR 1970

Good luck Guy.

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  1. charltonlane #

    Wolves 3 v Charlton Athletic 0….

    January 23, 2015
  2. Martin Cowan #

    Given that the players who are not fans of Luzon may well not be playing tomorrow, can we actually field 11 men??

    Unfortunately, I can’t see us getting anything from this game, so a point will be a result for me.

    January 23, 2015
  3. And now 0-0 for Luzon.
    Good research, but you have chief scout Les Gore and Andy Nelson the wrong way round. Gore won the final two games of the 73/74 season after losing 3-1 at Port Vale on 27 April.

    January 25, 2015
    • I do, thanks for spotting Brian. I’ve now changed it.

      Both Lennie and Jose drew their first games 0-0….. there is hope!

      January 26, 2015

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