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My body is normally a temple, as those that know me will attest! But this morning it is questioning how it ever got mixed up with me in the first place. The last four Sunday’s I have been in Bermuda, Los Angeles, Miami and Eastbourne. Not quite Del Boy’s van, but in the same condition.

This morning we are off to meet an old mate of mine from Chicago and his beautiful new fiancé for breakfast in Bills. Just what I need, another pile of bacon, sausage, egg and mushroom, but I am looking forward to seeing them all the same.

We landed on Friday morning after fleeing overnight Hurricane Gonzalo in Bermuda and after a quick Yo Hotel shower I drove over two hours to Cambridgeshire for a very good old mate’s wedding.

It was a fun filled day and I was chuffed to see one of my old Essex mates so happy. I managed to find a couple of second winds and drunk through the jet lag to get to bed at 1am, staying in a little hotel with mates in Royston, Herts.

I slept dreaming of the alarm going off, and woke before it to then drive to Charlton to meet up with Dave and his wife to rush to Waterloo to meet my son and best mate to train it down to Bournemouth.

It is a close call what was the most painful – a hurricane or the Addicks performance, but if I can compartmentalize the 90 minutes, then the rest of the day was brilliant and my massive thanks to Dave and his lovely missus for looking after my son and I and being such good mates.

Sunday, with wine and curry still on the tongue, we were sent off with a superb cooked breakfast and my son and I went and watched at the Odeon Greenwich Maze Runner, which was annoyingly very good. I say that because I had the 2 hours marked down to catch up on sleep, but the futuristic, human experiment story was very well told and kept my attention. Great for a teenage inquisitive boy too.

We then had the obligatory Nandos, which I am determined to hate, but actually quite like, before driving my son back to Kent and then driving another 90 minutes down to my parents on the Sussex Downs.

Right, whose hungry?

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  1. Raith C Chattonell #

    You need to keep your strength up CA – Gonzalo is chasing you down.

    October 21, 2014

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