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Chris Powell gets Huddersfield job

Huddersfield Town appear a good fit for Chris Powell and I warmly wish him every success. He is a good man, a football man and I personally think he will continue to be around the game for a long time and will add to the managerial successes he had at The Valley.

Huddersfield Town have much in common with Charlton and since the 1920’s we have played the Terriers 88 times. As a kid in the 80’s and then again this decade we have had many great battles and of course under Powell’s leadership we put pay to their long, long, I think it was 100-game unbeaten run. Smiley thing.

I already, courtesy of the Bermuda media’s obsession with Nahki Wells keep an eye on their results and now I have even more reason. Fortunately we have already played them once, so we have to wait until Saturday 28th February when Chris will be back at The Valley. That will be strange for sure.

I wish him every success, except for the last day of the month in February of course.

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